View Full Version : When did Ric Flair turn heel?

John la Rock
01-14-2004, 01:54 PM
When he came back to the WWE he was the co-owner of the company

When did he join up with Triple H? and how?

Loose Cannon
01-14-2004, 02:11 PM
When he came back to the WWE he was the co-owner of the company

When did he join up with Triple H? and how?

Well he first turned heel when he turned on Austin during a tag match with him and Austin taking on Show and Hall. Flair became some kind of member of the NWO.

Then I don't rememebr what happened in between him joining up with HHH and him turning on Michaels and joining up with HHH again.

01-14-2004, 02:33 PM
To fill in the blanks so to speak, Flair was feuding with Austin and lost a "loser becomes the other guys slave" match.

However, the next week was the Raw Austin walked out on, so they rebooked it with SD owner Vince turning up on Raw and challenging Flair to a "winner takes control of both shows" match. This turned Flair babyface though interference by Lesnar cost him the match.

He then announced he had one last run in him and wrestled against the then heel Eddie Guerreo at KOTR in 2002 and started a feud with Y2J, beating him at Summerslam.

Two weeks later the World Heavyweight Title was introduced and handed to HHH. Flair immediately challenged him for the belt but lost (due to interference from Jericho I think). Over the next few weeks Flair would lose more and more ground to Y2J in their feud, including losing cleanly to Rico, and all this time HHH was taunting him in back stage segments for being "washed up".

So at Unforgiven Flair lost again to Jericho while RVD prepared to face HHH for the world title. In a backstage segment RVD confronted HHH while Flair was in the background. HHH started saying things to RVD like "don't be a loser like that guy". So during the championship match both RVD and HHH was down and Flair came down to the ring and grabbed the sledgehammer, presumably to hit HHH. But no! Shocking swerve alert! He hit RVD instead letting HHH pick up the win.

The next night on Raw he said he joined with HHH because HHH wanted to be associated with the end of his career andto supplement his marriage to Stephanie and his booking privel....... no wait he ACTUALLY said he saw himself in his prime in HHH and wanted to be a part of it again. Baring the mini turn back in May he has been a heel since.

Hope that helped.