View Full Version : If WWE produced a WCW movie...

09-02-2007, 07:27 PM
Instead of doing something like Rise and Fall of ECW, suppose WWE did a full-length feature on it. Who would you cast in the major roles? None of the major roles (ones I can think of are listed below) can be played by themselves. Though non-major players can (secondary nWo members, random cameos, etc). This is assuming that they do both in-storyline and out of kayfabe segments. This movie would cover from when Turner bought the company through to the beginning of the Invasion.

Major roles:

Vince McMahon -
Eric Bischoff -
Ted Turner -
Vince Russo -
Ric Flair -
Dusty Rhodes -
Hulk Hogan -
Kevin Nash -
Scott Hall -
Sting -
Bret Hart -

Add whoever else you can think of and/or explain how it would obviously be skewed.

BTW, David Arquette would be played by himself and still fuck it up.