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Originally Posted by Next Big Thing View Post
Roy Nelson is one of the more skilled and experienced fighters in the heavyweight divison. He's also in better shape, in terms of conditioning, than Shane Carwin (watch some of his pre-UFC MMA stuff or even the fight with Dos Santos before you laugh). If Carwin spent more time on conditioning he'd be champ. Nelson presented Dos Santos with a smarter opponent than Mir, who was caught in the emotion of the rematch, and someone who could go the distance unlike Carwin.

Carwin, while having a great wrestling background, is more of a brawler. That played into Brock's hands. Dos Santos will be a little bit more patient in there.

In terms of training, Dos Santos has two of the best with Nogueira and Silva. If you don't think they know more about analyzing an opponent and developing a game plan than anyone in Mir or Carwin's corner you're crazy.

Dos Santos goes in at 240 while Brock has to cut weight. I think that will affect him. Also, you can't dismiss the age difference.

It's all of those little factors that will make the difference.
Hey genius... Carwin had greg jackson in his corner, so if you think that theres anyone out there whos better at analyzing a fight YOUR CRAZY

How did carwin being a brawler play into brocks hands? So what, Carwin being willing to swing and catching brock and dropping him and then going crazy on top for the finish was playing into brocks hands? GTFO.

Roy is not in better conditioning than carwin. My god. Carwin had a huge adrenaline dump after freaking the fuck out on top of lesnar. Roy doesnt do anything in his fights except throw a few yhaymakers and lay on a guys chest. Of course he looked like he had cardio with dos santos, he couldnt do anything at all, and your not burning energy if you are standing there not doing anything.

A weight cut isnt going to hurt or affect brock, are you crazy? Hes been doing it since he was in college and when your that size, a 10-15 lb cut is nothing.
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