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Originally Posted by Next Big Thing View Post
You answered most of this for me and made it easy. Good for you.

Carwin is a brawler and what did he do? He went out and punched himself tired, like brawlers do. The result? He faded and got choked out. End of story.

As far as trainers, Greg Jackson's amazing, but I'll still take Anderson Silva considering he's beaten up on a couple of Greg's boys already anyways.

Brock having to cut 10 to 15 pounds is no big deal when his opponents do too, like Mir and Carwin did, but it does make a difference when you're burning energy trying to cut weight and your opponent is already at his optimal weight.

Finally... relax. It's just the internet. No need to get all feisty over people who don't even know you exist.
He punched himself out like brawlers do? Forrest griffin, bonnar, liddell, roy nelson (who you think is a top conditioned heavyweight) are all brawlers who dont tire out. Carwin suffered an adrenaline dump from his style CAPITALIZING on lesnar, he just didnt finish.

Your putting anderson silva in higher regards as a trainer than greg jackson? Silva is a talent and hes beating great people but hes not doing that because hes an amazing analyst or even has that in his corner. My god watch his fights. Hes simply a counterpuncher and look what happens when he gets someone who wont engage him or who has great takedowns... He looked like he had the perfect gameplan for sonnen.

Do you even know what fighters train with jackson??

Clearly you know nothing at all about cutting weight so your view is not that unexpected, but in a day before weigh in where you get 24 hours to hydrate and rest your body, a 10-15 maybe 20lb cut on a 280 lb man will not affect him at all.

The fact that he will be 15-20 lbs over the weight come fight time is a huge advantage for him come fight time especially because dos santos is going to have to deal with that weight.
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