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Originally Posted by Next Big Thing View Post
1) You can't be fucking serious saying Carwin crapped out because of an adrenaline rush. Don't be a mark. I've yet to hear any of the great fighters claim they blew their load in the first round due to an adrenaline rush. You think he's the first guy to ever go out aggressive in the first round of a fight? You think he's the first guy to ever try to capitalize on a wounded opponent and not be able to finish him off in the first round?
Are you kidding? youve never heard the term adrenaline dump? It happens a lot, but usually a fighter can get past it. Carwin could not and Brock was too smart to let him.

Fuck it even happened to me in a fight but luckily i finished before the round came to close.

Originally Posted by Next Big Thing View Post
2) Do YOU even know what fighters train with Greg Jackson? Pretty sure Nate Marquardt is one of those boys I said Silva beat the shit out of. If YOU knew who he trained maybe you would have thought twice about that comment.
WOW hahahaha

GSP, Rashad Evans, Shane Carwin, Jon Jones, Donald Cerrone, Leonard Garcia, Keith Jardine, Nate Marquart, Clay Guida, Joe Stevenson, Brendan shaub, and Carlos Condit.

Originally Posted by Next Big Thing View Post
3) Chael Sonnen has a good showing and now, Anderson Silva, who has won 13 straight is simply a counterpuncher. And you expect to be taken seriously by relegating one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time to the status of counterpuncher? GTFO.
Yes he has won 13 strait victories by simply being a counterpuncher.

This isnt just because sonnen almost beat him, this is because of how he fights and what hes done in the cage. Anyone who has watched his fights would know that though... luckily I have. Let me educate you.

UFN5 against Chris Leban who runs right at you swinging, and played right into anderson's game and KOed Leban

UFC 64 Rich frankin came at him with his unorthodox style and anderson picked him apart

UFC 67 Travis Lutter was actually able to bring anderson to the ground where he mounted him and dominated him, then in the second round took him down again but got tired and caught in a triangle.

UFC 73 Marquart Trying to bring him down but his wrestling isnt good enough, gets tagged coming in, anderson then pounds him out on top.

UFC77 Rich Franklin again, same story

UFC 82 Dan Henderson takes him down in the first, and then throws a haymkaker in the second and gets counter punched, then silva jumped on him.

UFN 14 James Irvin throws a kick that is caught by anderson and then dropped with a cross

UFC 90 Patrick Cote employs a strategy to hang back and make anderson come to him, it doesnt happen. Anderson will not aggressivly engage. Cote blows out his knee taking a step.

UFC 97 Thales Leites again doesnt engage the whole fight. Anderson will not go after him or go to the ground with him. Only wants to counterpunch

UFC 101 Forrest Griffin comes right at him and falls flat on his face

UFC 112 Demian Maia doesnt engage the first three, anderson wond go after him, last two demian is aggressive, anderson decides to dance

UFC 117, Sonnen has the proper takedowns to get anderson down and control him and does. He makes a mistake in the fifth and anderson capitalizes. Even his fucking submissions are counters.

And by the way, theres nothing wrong with being labeled as just a counterpuncher. Thats like taking away from tyson in his prime by saying hes only a power puncher.

Seriously dude stop being a mark and actually read up or know what the fuck you comment on... men are talking here little boy
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