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While I’m waiting to hear back from Vince, Stephanie and Triple H concerning the open letter I sent them earlier this week, I just had a couple of ideas pertaining to two younger talents on the roster and their potential role as the WWE moves closer to the Night of Champions.

Now, understand, this is not a critique, but only solely MY OPINIONS pertaining to last week’s show, and my SUGGESTIONS of what could perhaps be a bit more compelling. Remember, as I’ve stated to nausea, there is no RIGHT WAY, or WRONG WAY when it comes to writing sports-entertainment. It is all FICTION, it’s all made up through the mind of the person, or people who are creating it. Whoever is writing at the time, certainly has their reasons for presenting it the way that they do, while also convinced that it is the “best” way in their OPINION. Yes, there’s that word again. Everything in wrestling is SUBJECTIVE, every, single person who tunes in and watches RAW on Monday Night is going to look at the show differently.

Last week, I personally didn’t agree with the decision that Triple H suddenly wasn’t convinced that John Cena should get his rematch at Night of the Champions, when the “said” rematch had already seemed to be applied since Cena’s lose at SummerSlam. To top that, Cena having to threaten a lawsuit was totally out of his character, and made him come across as whiny. If that was the intention of the WWE writers–that’s one thing–but, at this time, I don’t believe it was. I believe that the story line was written that way just to get to the 6-main main event at the shows end. WHO was going to prove to Triple H that they were worthy? Again, did John Cena really have to PROVE anything if he already had a contract for his rematch against Brock Lesnar?

So, let’s just break that down: If Hunter can’t monkey with the main event at Night of Champions due to the legalities of Cena already having a bound return clause, then it would appear that Triple H needs another plan of action to derail the determined Cena in an effort to assure that Lesnar remains Champion. Now, if the idea is to elevate the younger talent—which it is–WHAT IF coming off of his impressive win over Randy Orton at SummerSlam, Roman Reigns “quietly” starts believing that maybe there was indeed some truth as to what Hunter said last week on RAW as it pertained to John Cena and his not being worthy of a title shot, and in theory maybe believes that he should be the #1 contender at Night of Champions instead of Cena? Now, knowing and understanding the intellect of Triple H, who used to be one of the boys and understands competition better than anybody–he would be clearly playing on Reigns vibes pertaining to how the up-and-coming superstar was REALLY feeling. Two things would happen here to not only make Night of Champions more compelling, but also the TVs leading up to it.

Triple H would NO DOUBT start stirring the !@#$% between Roman and Cena, which would not only be intriguing, but also help promote the match especially if Brock isn’t going to be there on a weekly basis. Now grant it, this would have been more compelling if started earlier–but—you still have three weeks to tell your story. Then finally on the go-home week, once Triple H has done all he can do to instigate and it seems to be working—at the last-minute he names Reigns the SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE for the Cena-Lesnar WWE World Championship match. With that, you position Reigns in a main event status and you make the Cena-Lesnar rematch both “different” and more compelling. It also gives the WWE another “option” of how to get out of the match while keeping all parties over strong.

Second suggestion. I would believe that the WWE also feels that they need to continue to elevate Seth Rollins. To this point, every time they have given Rollins the ball he has ripped up the field, scored, and spiked the ball over the goalposts. In an effort to build on his momentum, what if as Seth’s favor grew more and more with Triple H, Randy Orton was beginning to feel like the “forgotten man”? Orton has been tied into Triple H for years now, and suddenly out of nowhere—Rollins has become the Authority’s anointed one. What if the Viper’s jealousy began to boil, and he and Rollins began to get more involved in a heated competition as we headed towards Night of Champions? Then, at that point, Triple H books a match between the two at the pay-per-view, with the loser being ousted out of the group? So many different ways you could go here, but if Rollins goes over you’ve again elevated him, while turning Orton babyface in the process—which the WWE had been teasing any way.

Again, just a few different looks and options that “could” in turn make the TV more compelling, and the Night of Champions more unpredictable.
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Sure, this could work... If the WWE could keep a secret....
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