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Paranoid Rattlesnake
12-17-2003, 06:54 AM


1) Brent Dail & MIDEON vs. ??????(Announced as being from Jacksonville) - Boy, Dennis Knight has lost a lot of weight. Local babyfaces win

2) Cory Ballou vs. Johnny Jeter (Local) - Jeter wins

3) The Machines(twins) vs. Jim Steele & Mike Barton - Steele & Barton win again


Here come Josh and Bill DeMott so on to Velocity


1) Tajiri vs. Paul London in a non-title match. Tajiri wins with the roundhouse kick.

2) Matt Morgan vs. Funaki - Huge squash win for Morgan

3) Johnny Stamboli vs. Spanky - Stamboli takes the win

4) Akio & Sakoda vs. Kidman and Ultimo Dragon - Kidman and Dragon win


Next up is Tazz & Michael Cole. Here is Smackdown. Rue sings the National Anthem


We start with a video re-cap of last week's Lesnar/Mysterio match with Bob Holly's run-in.

Out first is John Cena. He raps about Santa and how he's going to make Mrs. Claus his ho-ho-ho. He then sits in on commentary for the first match.

1) Orlando Jordan vs. The Big Show - Squash match for Show. Afterwards he jaws with Cena at ringside.

Bob Holly walks into the building where a security guard stops him. He says Holly isn’t supposed to be there but Bob says he was called by Paul Heyman. Another security guard comes up and confirms the story. He says they are to provide extra security and escort him to a private dressing room.

(Commercial Break)

A-Train comes to the ring followed by Heyman, Matt Morgan and Brock Lesnar. Brock is furious over A-trains loss to Shannon Moore last week saying it cost them a lot of money. A-Train apologizes profusely. Heyman makes the announcement that Bob Holly will have a match tonight that will be all or nothing. If Holly wins he's back on Smackdown. Otherwise he will be fired and his career is over. It will be a tag match pitting him against Morgan and A-Train. And oh by the way Holly's partner will be...Shannon Moore.

(Commercial Break)

We get highlights of House Shows in Chicago and Indy

2) Fatal Four-Way Tag Match for the Tag-Team Titles. Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Los Guerreros vs. Rikishi and Scotty vs. The Basham Brothers. Everybody gets their spots in, they tease the stinkface a few times then Guerreros and WGTT step aside so The Bashams get the stink-face. Finish came when Chavo superplexes one Basham. As soon as he lands the other Basham flies off the top-rope hitting Chavo and getting the pin.
Winners - The Basham Brothers

Backstage Paul E. talks to Dawn Marie(looking quite hot in a VERY low-cut red dress) about his great new idea to attract big ratings. Brock will defend his title tonight against a random superstar. He has a big drum and Brock will reach in and pick out his opponent.


Lugz Highlight-Recaps the Cat/Sable confrontation.

Out comes the Cat who does his dance until interrupted by Sable. She demands to know who does he think he his to kiss Sable. Cat tries to kiss her again. They're interrupted by Mr. McMahon's music. Mr. McMahon asks who the hell are you. Cat says he’s a great entertainer. Mr. McMahon says "I'm the best promoter, the best businessman and the best lover." He says he'll show the Cat how to entertain. The music plays and Vinnie Mac dances! He gets down and dances like a fool along with Sable.. He tells the cat to top that. Cat does his groovy dance and Mr. McMahon kicks him in the balls from behind. He yells that no one kisses Sable but him.

Smack Of The Night-Recaps Jamie Noble throwing Nidia in the ring last week.

3) Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble - Same deal as last week. Noble throws Nidia into the referee and Mysterio but it backfires this time as Rey is able to roll him up for the 1-2-3.
Winner-Rey Mysterio

We see Bob Holly in his dressing room surrounded by Security. He's interviewed by Josh and promises to win tonight and later break Brocks neck and take his title.

4) Chris Benoit vs. Chuck Palumbo - FBI is sent to the back by the referee. Benoit wins clean with crossface. Afterwards he is beaten down by the FBI. What did Benoit do to deserve this feud?? Yuck

(Commercial Break)

In the trainers room we see Nidia being attended to. Rey comes in and tries to explain what happened in Spanish. Nidia just screams for him to get away.

They announce that next week from Iraq we will see John Cena vs. The Big Show

Rhyno comes to the ring and calls out Bradshaw. Instead Farooq comes out which leads to:

5) Rhyno vs. Farooq - Short match which ends when Rhyno low-blows Farooq right in front of the ref who disqualifies him
Winner - Farooq by DQ

(Commercial Break)

Paul again talks to Dawn Marie about the great possibilities we could see tonight. Since it's totally random it could be any lucky superstar facing Brock. I bet you have no idea where this is going...

Paul comes down to the ring and talks about Brock's upcoming match. Who will it be? Brock comes down and spins the drum, reaches in and pulls out a ball with a name on it. He looks pissed. He grabs the mic and says this is unfair. How could he possibly prepare for this opponent? He doesn’t want to but he guesses he'll have to wrestle...Shannon Moore.

5) Brock vs. Shannon Moore - Brock destroys Shannon and wins by submission with the Brock Lock. afterwards he goes to ringside and talks about what great luck since Shannon has to wrestle the tag match later. He could have wrestled any superstar such as, reaches into the drum...Shannon Moore or...Shannon Moore or...Shannon Moore. Yep every ball had Shannon’s name. Oh how diabolical!

(Commercial Break)

6) Matt Morgan and A-Train vs. Hardcore Holly and Shannon Moore - Shannon is still lying in the ring when the match begins. He is destroyed by the big guys for a while. Finally, gets the hot tag and Holly cleans house. A-Train goes for the big boot on Holly who moves and A-Train nails Matt Morgan. Holly hits his big slam on Morgan for the win. He's back in the WWE and earns a title shot.

Afterwards, Brock stares disgustedly at A-Train as Holly celebrates.

I assume this is where they go off the air. As soon after, Brock nails Morgan with the belt and give A-Train the F5. Holly returns to the ring and clears house on Brock. Holly then hold the WWE belt high above his head.

Fun show and great crowd. They were into everything and very vocal. Biggest pops were for Eddie Guererro and John Cena. Biggest heat was for Brock by far. If for no other reason you must watch the show to see Mr. McMahon dance. It has to be seen to be believed.

Bad Guy
12-17-2003, 06:56 AM
good to see him back. but i guess he still has a chance of being cut eh?

Spoon Bender
12-17-2003, 08:07 AM
4) Akio & Sakoda vs. Kidman and Ultimo Dragon - Kidman and Dragon win

I gotta see Velocity!!!

12-17-2003, 08:14 AM
He's not actually back full time with WWE.

He did the darkie because they were in town for it. Bart Gunn also worked
the darks because he was in town visiting family,and tags with Steele any-
how. Norman Smiley and Brian Knobbs were also there,but didn't get work.

12-17-2003, 09:16 AM
i liked the thing what was going on with Benoit-Lesnar, I don't care about Holly and i don't hope he wins the Title, because i want to see Benoit or Cena with the WWE Title around there waist. Because we have seen lesnar and he is a great technical wrestler don't get me wrong but seeing holly would just be boring. that's my opinion. :roll:

12-17-2003, 10:21 AM
Yeh, wwe.com has an article on this.


Doubt WWE would take any of those guys back.

Paranoid Rattlesnake
12-17-2003, 10:25 AM

Paranoid Rattlesnake
12-17-2003, 10:33 AM
Anyone else think Kayfabeman just read the report before posting???

12-17-2003, 10:36 AM
<font color=#33ffff>Why oh why are they sticking Holly in a main event feud? Does anyone actually care?</font>

12-17-2003, 01:40 PM
<font color=#33ffff>Why oh why are they sticking Holly in a main event feud? Does anyone actually care?</font>

:wavesad: I do...





Oh that was good. Held it with a straight face 10 whole seconds. :)

12-17-2003, 03:35 PM
Anyone else think Kayfabeman just read the report before posting???

Actually I knew Norman was going to be there,as I spoke to him a week
ago.Other than that,yeah,I read the report a while before posting...just
thought that I'd save them the trouble of going over to WWE.com :y:

12-17-2003, 06:03 PM
Um... I didn't read the rest of the spoilers, but I'm guessing he was in for a one-night deal thing right? Cuz I hope so.