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06-03-2010, 02:20 PM
Just an idea i've had floating around for a while now (I like to do the whole 'create your own' kinda thing when it comes to wrestling) and from the amount of posts I see about how shit/non-existant the tag team division is in WWE, I thought it might be cool to actually try and make a credible tag team division.

What with the Hart Dynasty being the champs at the moment and the introduction of the Usos, and little teams here and there like Hawkins & Archer, how would you form the tag team division if you were in charge say?

Would you split the tag titles back up onto each show, if so why?

How many teams would you have?

Would you base the division just on RAW or Smackdown, or have a tag division on each show?

Who would you put together to create new teams?

Would you re-hire any free agents/sign anyone from TNA?

Throw some ideas out there. :wave:

Nicky Fives
06-03-2010, 03:46 PM
I think the division is getting alot better as of late, and wouldn't change alot.....

Hart Dynasty
The Usos
Kozlov & Santino

The Dudebusters
Vance Archer & Heath Slater (something about that combination intrigues me..... Slater can be the One-Man Rock-Band and Archer could be his Roadie)
Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins (reunite them with Ryder's woo woo woo gimmick)

Have only the champions be able to switch from Raw and Smackdown, but allow for "Interpromotional" matches on Superstars

06-03-2010, 03:49 PM
Just put all the belts on this guy.

Conspiracy Victim Vito
06-03-2010, 05:37 PM
<font color=goldenrod>RAW
-The Hart Dynasty
-The Usos
-Kozlov & Santino
-Primo & Tito (Orlando Colon, in FCW)
-Evan Bourne & Justin Gabriel (only if Bourne's big night on Raw was just a cocktease and they don't actually plan on elevating him)

-The Dudebusters
-Hawkins & Archer
-SES (Masked Man revealed and teams with Gallows regularly)
-South Beach Boys (Darren Young & Percy Watson once Watson's NXT 2 run ends)
-Matt Hardy & Justin Gabriel (alternative if they actually plan on pushing Evan Bourne on Raw, plus I guess SD could use another face team)

With Finlay making a rare appearance on SD this week, maybe he'll team with Swog again - though I'd hardly consider that to be a real team.</font>

Ultra Mantis
06-03-2010, 05:44 PM
Hart Dynasty (Face) - They definately should not be split up any time soon.
Regal & Wade Barrett (Heel) - Makes sense.
Santino & Kozlov (Face) - Could be interesting, plus it gives them both a purpose.
The Briscoes (Heel) - Bring them in from ROH, they already had a tryout and apparently impressed the right people.

Dudebusters (Heel)
Carlito & Primo (Heel) - I have no problem bringing back Carlito once he sorts out his problems, move him over to Smackdown and let their heel run play out.
Matt Hardy & Justin Gabriel (Face) - Matt trying to recapture his glory days using his NXT rookie as the Jeff.
Motor City Machine Guns (Face) - Bring them in from TNA, they would work well against all three of these teams.

There could also be a few others around to keep the division fresh, such as Archer / Hawkins. Keep the belts unified and the champs appearing on both shows.

06-03-2010, 06:10 PM
I think I would focus the tag division on one show. Have a monster tag division on Smackdown and let the middle card on RAW be more about the hunt for the US Title. Probably around six teams, between two and four in the hunt at any given time.

-Hart Dynasty: Despite Bret coming back, they can't play the "Bret Hart is the GM so we can do anything!" card forever; in fact they are already going in that direction. They got the belts and some legitimacy out of the deal, time to move them to Smackdown.

-WGTT: A staple of any good tag division.

-Dudley Boyz: Think they've been gone long enough to come back to the WWE fresh? Or are the twenty or so tag titles enough for one lifetime?

-Straight Edge Society: Big time heels for a big time division.

-Salt N' Peppa: Christian and MVP. i always thought the best part of the Smackdown tag division in 2003 was the injection of higher card wrestlers (Edge/Mysterio/Angle/Benoit/Eddie) into the mix. It makes the belts look important. This could be the big face team always in the hunt for the belts.

Uso Brothers: Because every tag division needs foreign people. It's the law.

06-05-2010, 02:36 AM
Matt Hardy & Justin Gabriel (Face) - Matt trying to recapture his glory days using his NXT rookie as the Jeff.

Definitely. I mean, they were doing Hardy Boys moves while tagging on NXT. There's no reason not to keep this team together.

06-06-2010, 10:35 AM
I would eventually split up the titles once proper tag team divides were established. But the problem is getting the teams.

The Hart Dynasty: They're a great face team. People are getting into them, and they are great workers. Right now, they're the life-blood of the tag team scene.

The Usos: They're already on RAW, and I've enjoyed them enough so far. Their family has a history of giving us entertaining performers, and right now they make great adversaries for The Hart Dynasty.

The Colons: Primo & Tito -- the cousins united on RAW. I'd simply introduce Tito Colon in a promo with Primo saying that he and his brother didn't really get along, and that he had a bad attitude. His cousin and himself have always clicked, however, so if Carlito & Primo became the first-ever Unified WWE Tag Team Champions, imagine what Primo & Tito will do together. These guys will bump like there's no tomorrow, and that will build sympathy for them over time, and could lead to a face turn -- but I like the idea of keeping them technically heel. Shades of Los Guerreros, I guess.

The Allied Forces of Awesome: Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella seem to have agreed to team together. I actually think this is a great move for them. People love Santino, and they don't really care about Kozlov. Santino has got very little crediblity, but Kozlov often is made to look like a beast. Marella gets beaten up, then tags in his big buddy. It works. You can even switch it up for giggles and have Kozlov get his ass kicked before Santino tags in and surprises everyone with his dexterity and martial arts background. Sublimenally, this can be used to build crediblity for Santino over time.

William Regal & Colt Cabana: I don't have any reasoning behind this, other than it being a kick-ass in-ring combination, and it would no doubt be hilarious. If they want to own Colt's ring name, they can give him one like "Scott Royale," and call them Regal & Royale. Regal being all serious and Colt being himself would be an odd pairing from the outside, but they would get it done in the ring. Bring in Cabana as Regal's protoge, or something.

The World's Greatest Tag Team: Oh, how I would mark out for Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin just jumping The Hart Dynasty and The Usos randomly, and revealing that Bret Hart has signed them back to contracts to re-ignite tag team competition in the WWE.

The Basham Brothers: Yes, I am a shameless mark for them. I think they could be brought in as former champions looking to regain tag team glory, though. At least until other teams make their presence felt. As veterans, they are always steady hands. You could have them return around the same time as The World's Greatest Tag Team as part of an angle where Bret Hart talks about how he got his start in tag team wrestling, so he's going to bolster the tag ranks a bit.

The Lords of the Ring: Yeah, some more old-school OVW guys I am marks for. Nick Dinsmore could return without a stupid gimmick and some new fake name and no one would really know who he is (Dolph Ziggler-style). Rob Conway could be brought back as a "tag team specialist." Michael Cole could slip in on commentary that together they have won ten Tag Team Titles outside of the WWE, or something. Just give them a no-nonsense, old-school, "we're here to wrestle" gimmick. A few of the face teams could mock them for having no personality or whatever.

Incognito Conquistadors: The WWE recently had another set of cousins under contract together. Dos Caras, Jr. is still under contract, but Sicodelico, Jr. was released from his WWE contract. Re-sign "Espiral" and let him and Dos Caras team together as face opponents for The Colons. Those would make some fun Superstars matches.

The Dudebusters: Who ya gonna call? I enjoy these guys, and I think Trent Barreta has a very bright future. It's a shame they've got no crediblity, because I think they've got plenty of personality to be a modern-day Edge & Christian-esque antagonistic asshole tandem.

Deep Impact: Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer are growing on me as a duo. They're just two guys with different personalites who want to be heard. I like it. Keep them together, and let them kick ass.

The Straight-Edge Society: Luke Gallows & The Mystery Man. You can reveal him to be Joey Mercury if you like, and tell his story, which I think could be quite passionate and make for a nice promo. These two could spend a lot of time with one set of Tag Team Titles, in my opinion.

The Angelic Diablos: Under the advice of Matt Hardy, Theodore Long signs Justin Gabriel to a full-time SmackDown! contract. The NXT pro/rookie tandem officially become partners, and become the face life-blood of the SmackDown! tag team division.

The Briscoe Brothers: If they are willing to sign, I am more and more behind the WWE getting these dudes. There was a time where it seemed like they wouldn't fit, but I could see it happening now. They'd probably give them more of a "thing" (for some reason, I can seem them presented as Mario/Luigi-like plumbers), but I think their ring work would carry them to great fan reactions and really getting people into the tag team scene. A friendly rivalry between them and Hardy & Gabriel would make for some good television.

Christian & Finlay: Not as a full-time tag team, but as the occasional pairing these two could be highly entertaining. Christian has been buds with Hornswoggle lately, and they'd have that odd-couple chemistry that could work quite well. They're both respected veterans, but Finlay is the silent bad-ass and Christian makes a few cracks here and there. "Celtic-Charisma" could get one run with the Tag Team Titles and make it memorable, I think.

The Baddest Men on the Planet: Shad Gaspard was apparently a bodyguard for Mike Tyson; Michael Tarver's father was apparently his training partner. Given their synonymous history, why not just team these guys up? It goes against Shad's "My Time" gimmick, but I think they would work as two guys who just wanted to hurt people. JTG could even get a make-shift partner to put them over as a duo.

The Kings of Wrestling: How I would mark out for Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli showing up on SmackDown! and cutting a worked shoot on how wrestling is a dirty word and no one cares about tag teams...but that is about to change. It would never happen, but I would be watching SmackDown! every week. These guys would rule the roost, and seeing them work with The Briscoes, Hardy/Gabriel & Christian/Finlay is giving me goosebumps.

Swiss Ultimate
06-07-2010, 11:34 AM
Champs: Briscoes
#1 Contenders: Motor City Machine Guns

Top Teams:
Edge and Christian
Hardy Boys
WGTT Benjamin and Haas
RVD and AJ Styles
Lance Storm/Chris Jericho
Rhino/Matt Morgan
Hart Dynasty
Young Bucks

Jobber Teams:
Amazing Red and Evan Bourne
Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer
Basham Brothers
The Colons hehehe

Just for Fun Teams:
Rock n' Sock Connection
Funaki and Taka
Larry Sweeney and Stevie Richards

06-07-2010, 12:41 PM
There is no credible tag team division without Beer Money.