View Full Version : Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

The Dastardly One
12-23-2003, 06:05 PM
I was just watching the first couple of episodes and compared them with later ones. In the later ones Peter is a dominant fighter, in the early ones he ALWAYS gets his ass kicked and is a big pussy.

What was the turning point for young Peter Caine (for those who watched the show)?

Ninti the Mad
12-23-2003, 06:25 PM
When he met his father and learned to fight with martial arts.

The Dastardly One
12-23-2003, 06:53 PM
Yeah but he gets his ass kicked all the time in the first eps. When the hell does this all change? When does he start running shows? Kicking ass....taking names.

Ninti the Mad
12-23-2003, 06:56 PM
They never really mention it to my knowledge.

He should've kept the whole bad ass with a gun routine.

Either that or shaved his head and revert back to a child stage. :shifty:

Arashi Kage
12-24-2003, 02:14 AM
I think it was more of a slow change. As the show went on, Peter became more accepting of Kung Fu and slowly developed skills. There are a few moments where he attempts (mystical) things and is then surprised when they work (like heating up an assult rifle in a guard's hands).

The peak of it (I believe) is when Caine and Peter travel back in time and "invent" Kung Fu, where Peter and his father are the dragon and tiger and they fight and Peter actually defeats Caine in the demonstration for the monks.

I don't know too much, I forget a lot. I used to watch the show back in the early-mid 90's, now I just catch the occasional rerun on Showcase once in a while.