View Full Version : Spree Fined

12-24-2003, 09:15 PM
Lol at Sprewell talking shit all night to the Knick bench and GM. I guess he did the same thing his first time back to Golden State too. $25,000, meh.

12-24-2003, 11:31 PM
How the hell is this guy still in the league? Sure, he's a decent (alternate spelling: decent) scorer, but he's gotta be locker room poison. I mean, how can you feel like a guy's got your back when he's screaming at the opposing bench all night? Or trying to strangle your coach?

12-25-2003, 12:43 AM
From what I have read he has changed quite a bit since the strangling incident. Also from what I have read everybody loves him. I think he would be a pretty good guy to have on a team, and he is better than a decent scorer, not league best, but better than a lot of people.

Jesus Shuttlesworth
12-25-2003, 01:11 AM
LOL from the way his teammates where reacting.....it seemed like they were loving

I think you should be able to talk as much shit as you want in sports, just aslong as you are prepared to back it up and take the shit talking back if start to get shitted on.

The Outlaw
12-25-2003, 03:05 AM
Yeah, I'm sure you'd be talking shit to the guy that delt you away as well. Notice how he wasn't talking shit to his ex players, he was giving them hugs.

LOL@Comment about how hes still in the league

Kid Robb
12-25-2003, 07:12 AM

Everyone loves him. Even the Knick fans showed their appreciation for the work he put in there, despite them trading away his friends then trading him as well.

Spree Sammy and KG, what a treble :D