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Taken from PS2.IGN (http://ps2.ign.com)

E3 2005: Bits of Bully
The first official screen and storyline details from Rockstar's latest.
by Jeremy Dunham
May 19, 2005 - As a special treat to IGN readers for the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Rockstar Games has exclusively revealed the first details regarding Bully, it's October-bound actioner from Rockstar Vancouver. In secret development for quite some time now, Bully takes Rockstar's tradition of groundbreaking gameplay and tongue in cheek storytelling to an entirely new setting: the schoolyard.

The game is an exaggerated and humorous look at life in a private school that Rockstar stresses is completely different than anything else it has done. "We are really excited about the first title to be developed by our Rockstar Vancouver studio," said Sam Houser, President of Rockstar Games. "We fought hard to keep this title under wraps for ages and I am thrilled that we can finally unveil it to people at E3."

For the unfamiliar, Rockstar Vancouver used to be known as "Barking Dog Studios," a Canadian development team that was responsible for such games as Global Operations, Homeworld: Cataclysm, Treasure Planet, and TransWorld Skateboarding.

Mixing drama and comedy into a single story, Bully follows a schoolboy named Jimmy Hopkins and his adventures in the fictitional "Bullworth Academy." Corrupt from the inside out, the school is overflowing with crooked higher-ups, wicked schoolmates, and a whole mess of bothersome bullies. Throughout this escapade, Jimmy will have to stand up to cruel classmates, pursue a love interest, put up with teachers that pick on him, and play pranks on a mess of annoying little buggers from all over the campus.

Gameplay details are a still being kept a mystery for its big reveal at a later time, but we do know that its progression will be open-ended in nature. Due out for both the Xbox and PlayStation 2 this fall, Bully should be making its name rather soon. Click on the media page below for the first screenshot and check back with us for more as it breaks.



This sounds very intersting, but no doubt will cause lots of parent groups to complain :rant:

05-22-2005, 03:18 PM
Yeah I heard about this and I like the concept.

But now those annoying people can start saying that games are responsible for bullying. God I wish they would die.

Anyway, yeah im excited.

el fregadero
05-22-2005, 03:22 PM
Looks kinda like a young version of the guy from Manhunt.

Perhaps there is a connection...

05-23-2005, 11:58 AM
sounds interesting

Kane Knight
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Skool Dayz 2

08-10-2006, 07:28 PM
Wow over a year later and finally some news:


Bully Hits Playgrounds This October
Details are starting to emerge on Rockstar's next controversial game.
by Daemon Hatfield
August 9, 2006 - Today Rockstar confirmed to IGN that its upcoming shoolyard-simulator Bully would be released in October.

Details on the title have been scarce since IGN announced it during E3 2005. But that hasn't stopped anti-game activists from already denouncing the game. We know the game will involve the sort of violence between children that is typical in any schoolyard setting. In March, Florida's Miami-Dade County School Board asked retailers not to sell the game to minors, even though the game is not yet rated. The school district also warned parents about what it sees as the potentially harmful effects of playing violent video games.

With Bully ramping up for an October release, IGN will be bringing you plenty more details on the game shortly.


BTW the trailer is pretty hot.

08-10-2006, 07:46 PM
I want that shit.

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From IGN.com (http://uk.ps2.ign.com/articles/725/725597p1.html)

Meet Jimmy Hopkins, Bully Superstar
Who's the hero of Rockstar's next game and where does he come from?
by Jeremy Dunham

August 14, 2006 - After the strong reception that our world premiere video of Bully received late last week, we felt compelled to visit New England's Bullworth Academy a second time. Rather than just show you the game in movie and screenshot form once again, however, we've decided to take a closer look at the game's protagonist, Jimmy Hopkins. But don't worry; we have new video and screenshots too (more on that later).

So just who is Jimmy Hopkins? In short, he's a 15 year-old teen that comes from a troubled background. His mother is on the verge of marrying her fifth husband (a smarmy rich guy who's twice her age) and he was expelled from his school last year for... well, let's just say... he was expelled for a couple of misdemeanors. Both of those factors come to a head when Jimmy's new stepfather-to-be decides to take matters into his own hands and send Jimmy to Bullworth Academy -- to be left for the entire academic year so that he won't get in the way of the newlyweds and their cruise.

Having spent most of his life taking care of himself (his mother hasn't exactly been parent of the year), Jimmy has a maturity that most kids his age do not. Because of this difference in development, Jimmy has a habit of not getting along with other students. As Rockstar puts it, though, "it's made him tougher too." Jimmy doesn't back down from altercations, and in situations where most children my run for the hills, Jimmy stands his ground, ready for the next move.

But because of his disposition and situation in life, Jimmy's time at Bullworth Academy is literally his last chance at normalcy. It's the only school that will take him now and he knows it. Luckily, Jimmy has a bit of wisdom because of how often he's changed schools -- he's had plenty of time to perfect the art of adapting and standing up for himself and he takes pride in being able to identify who to trust and who not to.

Of course, Bullworth Academy is no walk in the park. It's the toughest, most elite school in the country and, as such, as some of the biggest heathens you could imagine. Jimmy will have to tread lightly (and intelligently) in order to navigate his way through Bullworth's complicated social network. Understanding which cliques like each other and which ones don't will be the key to his public survival... as will standing up to the school's various Bullies (especially since Mr. Hopkins comes with such a tough reputation).

To help him in his journey, Jimmy has no problem expanding his admiration for making money and is willing to "bend the rules" to help fellow kids out should they need him. Whether those tasks include protecting nerds from the jocks, or doing something secret for the snobbish preppies, Jimmy is open to it -- and that's where the player comes in.

In the coming weeks, we'll be going into exactly how the player does what they will do. But while you wait, don't forget to check our media page below for all-new screens and another new video that shows off some of Jimmy's antics in Bully. See? The foreshadowing worked!


lol they also have a small video about him, some of the things you can do are putting cherry bombs down the toilet :D

08-17-2006, 04:38 PM
Once again, from IGN.com (http://ps2.ign.com/articles/725/725852p1.html)

Meet Crabblesnitch, Bully Nemesis
Yes, that's really the principal's name.
by Jeremy Dunham

August 16, 2006 - We profiled Bully lead character, Jimmy Hopkins, earlier this week so we only thought it fair to go ahead and do the same thing with Bullworth Academy's principal, Dr. Crabblesnitch. A devout authoritarian with a pompous outlook and a self-righteous moral code, the good doctor rules his school with utmost of discipline -- giving students the impression that he loves to ramble while handing out punishments just because he can.

Located on the second story of the main school building, Crabblesnitch's high office location provides the dominant principal with an ideal view of the courtyard and the goings-on in his school. Mrs. Danvers, the dedicated and obliging secretary, acts as a guard/ gateway to the principal's lair, but she doesn't have anywhere near the same demeanor that he does.

Looking back into Crabblesnitch's past, we've discovered that he once attended Bullworth Academy himself and he loved every minute of it. He's definitely not happy with the children on the grounds today, either, and he resents most of them because they didn't have the same childhood he did -- at the end of his father's beating cane on a regular basis. Having grown up with a three-legged wooden horse as his only toy, Crabblesnitch doesn't appreciate all the amenities that children of today have either. In Crabblesnitch's eyes, society has "failed its youth" because of its lack of group discipline and he sees it as his personal mission to make things right again.

And to think, his whole reign of power began after he graduated from the university and applied to Bullworth as a history teacher. Given the previous experience as a student that Dr. Crabblesnitch had at the academy, it was an easy decision for the faculty to hire him and after that he never left -- working his way all the way to the top.

Once Crabblesnitch became principal he had to learn control. Parents and child welfare inspectors complained heavily because of his early methods of discipline and he was forced to scale back his dedication to "correction." With his canes and paddles put away (well mostly, he still has some as souvenirs), Crabblesnitch still takes an active role in the behavioral development of every student at Bullworth -- watching their every move and relishing the idea of reciting their infractions as soon as they're caught.

Convinced he's one of the world's "Good Guys," Dr. Crabblesnitch's encounter with Jimmy Hopkins should prove to be quite an interesting confrontation indeed. How will Bully play this out once it happens? Hopefully, we'll know rather soon once we've had the chance to try it.