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01-31-2004, 11:49 AM
yeah, so i just got this for my powerbook the other day and it looks really cool. i played all the tutuorials, but they didn't offer any insight about building up (i'm france and i keep getting trounced by germany before i can even build up) units well. 1)if someone else already started this thread, please bump it for me and 2)how the **** do you play this game effectively?

01-31-2004, 11:50 AM
I saw this game yesterday at the store, but didn't look at it. Is it a strategy game or what?

Ninti the Mad
01-31-2004, 03:42 PM
never heard of it

01-31-2004, 03:58 PM
Yeah sounds like a RTS game. Hook us up with the details. :mad:

01-31-2004, 09:52 PM
it is difficult to describe. it is a real time strategy, but not like the other RTS's out there. it is kind of like civilization that takes place only during world war 2. you view the screen as a provincial map. you choose between the different views of the map you want to see. there's a terrain map with military units, a diplomatic map that color coats the provinces by what countries you control, etc. you have to research a huge tech tree and manage 5 or so different resources. you diplomatically manipulate other countries. it is incredibly complex. i could spend hours trying to explain it. here is the website: http://www.paradoxplaza.com/heartsofiron.asp