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12-11-2003, 07:13 PM
<font color=969696>I just found this in a text file saved somewhere while looking for something. The date on it was 8/9/02, so it's pretty old.

CyberHavoc: hey man
crypTic asphyXy: Hey
CyberHavoc: I saw your site, you post at um.com
crypTic asphyXy: Yeah
CyberHavoc: well man, I hear you on all of this MTV thing
CyberHavoc: and trends and nu-metal
CyberHavoc: but I think it's a bad idea to put up awesome bands in a site
crypTic asphyXy: .....
CyberHavoc: people like fans of korn and slipknot, will hear this, and obviously know it's better
CyberHavoc: but I dont want them to hear that, becasue eventually, it's gonna be a trend, and their going to tell their friends, so it will jsut be really gay
CyberHavoc: I dont know if you understant me
CyberHavoc: understand
crypTic asphyXy: Death metal won't be popular any time soon: don't worry.
crypTic asphyXy: It's my personal site
CyberHavoc: ok
crypTic asphyXy: I'm just showing the people what i listen to.
CyberHavoc: but you dont only have death metal in their
CyberHavoc: still
CyberHavoc: peopoe will know aobut it
CyberHavoc: especially gay wannabe posers
crypTic asphyXy: If people know about it, they buy the record
CyberHavoc: they will listen to death metal, and like it, and tell their friends
crypTic asphyXy: and support the band.
CyberHavoc: ok
CyberHavoc: not everyone does that
CyberHavoc: people download too you know
crypTic asphyXy: it doesn't really matter
CyberHavoc: yes it does, at least to me
CyberHavoc: do you play an instument man?
crypTic asphyXy: I don't see what's so special about being underground
crypTic asphyXy: guitar
CyberHavoc: ok
crypTic asphyXy: I'm a fan of Iron Maiden.
crypTic asphyXy: they're my favorite band.
CyberHavoc: maidens good
crypTic asphyXy: They were popular in the 80s... all over MTV.
CyberHavoc: ohhh
CyberHavoc: I see all thse nu-metal fans starting to like iron maiden
crypTic asphyXy: I highly doubt that..
CyberHavoc: YES
CyberHavoc: nu-metal fans DO like iron maiden
CyberHavoc: and I hate that shit
CyberHavoc: listening to nu-metal, then true metal
crypTic asphyXy: Iron Maiden are godly.
CyberHavoc: yup
crypTic asphyXy: The more people realize this, the better.
CyberHavoc: still things are getting popular, and to the wrong people
CyberHavoc: ya
crypTic asphyXy: When I was 5 years old, I used to think Guns N' Roses were the coolest.
CyberHavoc: too many people are listening to good metal, and they dont know shit about music
CyberHavoc: oh
crypTic asphyXy: and Van Halen.
CyberHavoc: ya
crypTic asphyXy: Then I started expanding my tastes.
CyberHavoc: ya
crypTic asphyXy: Maybe people that haven't heard any good metal, and are stuck with bands like korn, will discover bands like Maiden and be amazed. They'll realize that there is better music out there.
CyberHavoc: not true
CyberHavoc: they will stick to korn, and like iron maiden
CyberHavoc: so they are even more gay
CyberHavoc: still man, I still dont think it's right to be posting good bands
CyberHavoc: metal should be like in the 80's
CyberHavoc: you dont see korn fans liking metal
CyberHavoc: now theirs the popularity of mtv
crypTic asphyXy: So in other words, you're telling me I should take the majority of my content off my site because you don't like posers?
CyberHavoc: and websites, exposing it all
CyberHavoc: no you shouldn't, it's your choice
CyberHavoc: if you want to spread good music to them
crypTic asphyXy: Spreading good music is always a good thing.
CyberHavoc: not to the wrong people
CyberHavoc: wtf
CyberHavoc: you have that winamp plugin too?
CyberHavoc: damn man, your pathetic
crypTic asphyXy: How am I pathetic?
CyberHavoc: w/e, soon everyone will nkow aobut venom, iron maiden, borknagar, children of bodom
CyberHavoc: bands like that
crypTic asphyXy: Isn't that the reason bands put out albums in the first place? To get heard.
CyberHavoc: w.e, I can't this, so just keep giving bands to people
crypTic asphyXy: Who cares what else they listen to?
CyberHavoc: I ****ing care
CyberHavoc: I cant stop this*
crypTic asphyXy: Does it hurt you that much that one of your favorite bands is listened to by someone?
CyberHavoc: no
CyberHavoc: not someone
CyberHavoc: ****ing nu-metal lovers
crypTic asphyXy: You, sir, are pathetic.
CyberHavoc: that think slipknot is the best band
crypTic asphyXy: You can't shield people's ears.
CyberHavoc: no
CyberHavoc: I can't
CyberHavoc: and im not trying to
crypTic asphyXy: Yes you are.
crypTic asphyXy: You just told me to hide my musical tastes.
CyberHavoc: but theirs always going to be someone like you that's going to spread true metal
CyberHavoc: not told you, telling you why
crypTic asphyXy: **** true metal.
CyberHavoc: ?
CyberHavoc: ok
crypTic asphyXy: what is "true" metal?
CyberHavoc: anything that isn't nu-metal to me
CyberHavoc: I guess
crypTic asphyXy: Is Poison true metal?
CyberHavoc: dunno I dont like them
CyberHavoc: even though their old
crypTic asphyXy: How about van halen?
CyberHavoc: ya he's good
crypTic asphyXy: Van Halen is a band
CyberHavoc: ya
CyberHavoc: at guitar
crypTic asphyXy: In 1984, they had the hit single "Jump".
CyberHavoc: hmm
crypTic asphyXy: Should I not listen to them anymore? Are they not true metal anymore?
CyberHavoc: well man theirs always gonna be bands that wanna be heard
crypTic asphyXy: I never considered Van Halen to be very metallic in the first place, so I must be a poser.
CyberHavoc: no im not saying they aren't
CyberHavoc: man, your right **** that term, I just listen to anything thats ogod and I like
crypTic asphyXy: Isn't the whole goal of playing music is to have it heard?
CyberHavoc: yes
crypTic asphyXy: If a band is good, i want to support them
CyberHavoc: ok
CyberHavoc: but their music is all on shelves
CyberHavoc: now most people now are ****ing wannabe's
crypTic asphyXy: Why do you care so much about what other people listen to?
CyberHavoc: ok
CyberHavoc: man I just dont think you understand me
crypTic asphyXy: I understand you fully
CyberHavoc: I know how you want to support bands
crypTic asphyXy: But i think you're absurd
CyberHavoc: and make them get heard
CyberHavoc: but my difference is that the wrong people are listening to it
crypTic asphyXy: You're telling me that if MTV started playing bands like Darkthrone and Venom, you wouldn't be happy?
CyberHavoc: NO
CyberHavoc: that's kind of stupid
CyberHavoc: I dont listen to MTV
crypTic asphyXy: I'd love to see Venom on MTV
CyberHavoc: ?
CyberHavoc: .....
crypTic asphyXy: Maybe some Testament videos.
CyberHavoc: .......
crypTic asphyXy: instead of hiding good music
crypTic asphyXy: just play good music more often; let it take over.
CyberHavoc: so it will be on MTV and get popular
CyberHavoc: so then korn fans will listen to them
CyberHavoc: even if it foes take over, it's gonna be on MTV
CyberHavoc: does*
crypTic asphyXy: There wouldn't be a Korn if bands like Venom and Testament were played on MTV all the time.
crypTic asphyXy: Korn would fade.
CyberHavoc: ok
CyberHavoc: people still like them
crypTic asphyXy: Look at bands like Slayer.
CyberHavoc: and you
"have" to like them
crypTic asphyXy: Tom Araya is 40 years old
CyberHavoc: ya
CyberHavoc: ok
crypTic asphyXy: Slayer is still kicking ass
CyberHavoc: yup
crypTic asphyXy: Slayer is still getting recognized. Slipknot fans are discovering them all the time.
CyberHavoc: ya I know
crypTic asphyXy: When the slipknot fans discover Slayer
CyberHavoc: ok
crypTic asphyXy: Slayer becomes one of their favorite bands
CyberHavoc: people get heard, and go on MTV, becasue they want money
CyberHavoc: lol ok
crypTic asphyXy: With Slayer touring with In Flames.. the slipknot fans will see In Flames
CyberHavoc: want money and want to play what they like
crypTic asphyXy: and become In Flames fans
CyberHavoc: that's kind of gay.....
crypTic asphyXy: In Flames has a new album coming out. They'll get record sales from this tour, and more people will listen to them
crypTic asphyXy: Making them forget about slipknot.
crypTic asphyXy: and becoming fans of In Flames.
CyberHavoc: well man I can't stop this, and I never will
CyberHavoc: not true man
CyberHavoc: they will still like slipknot
crypTic asphyXy: I've gotten tons of people into bands like Children of Bodom, Vintersorg, Death, Maiden...
CyberHavoc: but people are still going to like nu-metal, and like metal
CyberHavoc: oh
CyberHavoc: man I dont hate or dislike people that listen to nu-metal
CyberHavoc: jsut that they haven't heard better stuff
crypTic asphyXy: So why hide the "better stuff" from them?
CyberHavoc: tha'ts all im saying, but it's jsut gay when they finally discover something good, and still liek nu-metal
CyberHavoc: man
crypTic asphyXy: Because they havent been exposed to all of the good stuff
CyberHavoc: so you want every black death band on mtv?
CyberHavoc: so that some people will still like slipknot?, and like slayer?
CyberHavoc: and death
crypTic asphyXy: If it were up to me, I'd have Iron Maiden videos in constant circulation
CyberHavoc: man, not happening
CyberHavoc: ok
CyberHavoc: man but that's gay
CyberHavoc: I wouldn't
crypTic asphyXy: Iron Maiden are gods
CyberHavoc: yes they are
crypTic asphyXy: Why wouldn't you want them to be played?
CyberHavoc: I do, but not to the wrong people
crypTic asphyXy: Who gives a **** who watches?!
CyberHavoc: look, today it still is being heard by the wrong people
crypTic asphyXy: As long as i'm satisfied, that's all I care about.
CyberHavoc: ya
crypTic asphyXy: You seem too worried about other people's lives and interests.
CyberHavoc: no
CyberHavoc: it's not that
crypTic asphyXy: If britney spears was underground and a band like Dark Funeral was ultra-popular, you'd probably listen to britney
CyberHavoc: no
CyberHavoc: I listen to what I like, not jsut because it's underground
CyberHavoc: we live in USA, but in places like germany, dark funeral are popular
crypTic asphyXy: I'm not from Germany
CyberHavoc: o
crypTic asphyXy: I don't give a shit about Germany's pop culture.
CyberHavoc: ok
crypTic asphyXy: I'm a US citizen
CyberHavoc: me too
crypTic asphyXy: If Dark Funeral was played on MTV 24/7, I'd watch it once in a while.
CyberHavoc: not me
CyberHavoc: at least not anymore
crypTic asphyXy: Why not?
CyberHavoc: I would stop listening to them
crypTic asphyXy: That's just plain ****ing stupid
CyberHavoc: man, it's a waste of time to tell you, you dont understand me
crypTic asphyXy: You'd stop listening to a great band just because they're popular?
CyberHavoc: no
crypTic asphyXy: You just said you would.
CyberHavoc: no I said I would stop listening to them if they are on MTV
CyberHavoc: lol
crypTic asphyXy: Being on MTV means taht you're popular.
CyberHavoc: I guess so
crypTic asphyXy: Because it allows the world to be exposed to the band
crypTic asphyXy: Why would you stop listening to DF if they got MTV airplay?
CyberHavoc: but then people all around would be like......hey man......listen to darl funeral.....download them......ya that videos cool best band!!!!
crypTic asphyXy: They'd still rule
CyberHavoc: and they dont know shit aobut music
crypTic asphyXy: Since your mind is a sack of dog shit, let me summarize this conversation.
crypTic asphyXy: Your musical taste is directly influenced by what others don't listen to.
CyberHavoc: nononononoo
crypTic asphyXy: If someone likes something, you limit yourself so you won't be a fan of it
crypTic asphyXy: yes yes yes
crypTic asphyXy: That's exactly what you're saying
CyberHavoc: if people liked death
CyberHavoc: and said the same thing
CyberHavoc: I wouldn't stop listening to it
CyberHavoc: so your wrong
crypTic asphyXy: If people liked death, they'd be on MTV
CyberHavoc: because it's never gonna ****ing happen, or be played on MTV
CyberHavoc: look man
CyberHavoc: know why their not on MTV
crypTic asphyXy: It will never happen
CyberHavoc: they will never lower themselves, to be ****ing trendy
CyberHavoc: and on MTV
CyberHavoc: man im gonna be in a abdn soon
crypTic asphyXy: If you were in a band, you wouldn't want to be on MTV?
CyberHavoc: you think im gonna go on MTV?
CyberHavoc: ^scroll up
crypTic asphyXy: So you'd rather play at venues of 80 people than headline world tours in major arenas?
CyberHavoc: no I would not be on MTV, I would let people hear music, where the majority of people dont know shit aobut it
CyberHavoc: no not at major arenas
CyberHavoc: but at other places
CyberHavoc: metalfest at least
CyberHavoc: milwakee
crypTic asphyXy: Selling out arenas on a world tour is the ultimate accomplishment in a musical career for a metal band
CyberHavoc: ?
CyberHavoc: not for me
crypTic asphyXy: Millions of listeners
CyberHavoc: not even if they payed me
CyberHavoc: I wouldn't do it!
crypTic asphyXy: If the style of music you played was popular at the moment, you'd say "no sir, i don't want money"
CyberHavoc: ok
crypTic asphyXy: If the opportunity to change popular culture was in your hands, you'd turn it down to stay underground
CyberHavoc: because I wouldn't be playing nu-metal
crypTic asphyXy: You wouldn't
crypTic asphyXy: You'd expose the world to good music.
CyberHavoc: yes man
CyberHavoc: I would
crypTic asphyXy: Nu-metal is a genre
CyberHavoc: I would keep all the good metal underground

CyberHavoc: yes I know
crypTic asphyXy: Alright, well I have better things to do, like talk to people with intelligence.
crypTic asphyXy: You're too ****ing narrow-minded to put up a good argument.
CyberHavoc: lol
CyberHavoc: i'll never be like you
CyberHavoc: look to put it to you briefly
CyberHavoc: what im trying to say it
crypTic asphyXy: You said it 40 times
crypTic asphyXy: I understand you
crypTic asphyXy: and i think you're absurd.
CyberHavoc: I dislike the fact, or people who dont know about music, listening to metal, I dont like people that dont play instrument's, listening to metal
CyberHavoc: their, that's it
CyberHavoc: that's all im trying to say
crypTic asphyXy: and that's absurd
crypTic asphyXy: That's what I said numerous times.
CyberHavoc: probably that's why most metal is underground
CyberHavoc: well maybe to you
crypTic asphyXy: I see no problem with people listening to good music.
CyberHavoc: ya
CyberHavoc: me either
crypTic asphyXy: That's a lie. This whole argument was about how you have a problem with it.
CyberHavoc: no
crypTic asphyXy: And now it's time to block you.
CyberHavoc: just depends on the people
CyberHavoc: lol go ahead fag


...and people think I'm a metal elitist.</font>

The Destroyer
12-11-2003, 07:20 PM
Man, that was too long and moronic to read.

It's sad that some people are so stupid that they begrudge their favourite bands success.

Assuming this guy was for real. :p

12-11-2003, 07:28 PM
You could have posted like 5 messages total, and it would have been the same conversation. :p He kept going in circles.

12-11-2003, 07:34 PM
lol that was the funniest arguement ever... he actually said he would stop listening to a band of they were on mtv.. bahaha

road doggy dogg
12-11-2003, 07:34 PM
I just read past the Iron Maiden bit, and I was already LOLing. Good stuff :lol:

That guy is one of those people who really give music fans a bad name.

The Miz
12-11-2003, 07:55 PM
wow i really wanna punch that guy in the face.

el fregadero
12-11-2003, 08:05 PM
<font color=teal>LOL what a fool</font>

12-11-2003, 08:25 PM
<font color=969696>That guy was 100% serious. He got banned from UM around the summer this year for excessive racial slurs and ignorance.</font>

Jesus Shuttlesworth
12-12-2003, 12:53 AM
wow i really wanna punch that guy in the face.
LOL yesssssss

Just wanted to make sure I wasnt the only "cool" one from here to say something like that :shifty:

12-12-2003, 01:02 AM
Lol, that was really long, but what I read what a dumbass. Thats nice

Triple A
12-12-2003, 01:49 AM

12-12-2003, 03:52 PM
Gotta love Circular logic.

12-12-2003, 05:11 PM
For some reason I began to think of Kane Knight...

12-12-2003, 06:33 PM