View Full Version : George Le Roque

The Dastardly One
02-16-2004, 07:59 PM
Or La Roque

I was just watching sport centre and they were doing this thing on Jordan Tootoo and how he's the knew "bad boy". And all they were doing was whining and shit about how he plays when IMO he's just a scrappy emotional bastard.

However they get to La Roque and he's just like "He's gonna get SOMEONE verry upset one day and he's going to pay for it". All I know is that Georgey is not someone I want going after me...but if the kid has the balls to fight the guy win or lose, well...that's one fuc</>ked up bastard.


02-16-2004, 09:13 PM
Just a new gun slinger. There's always a faster gun on the way up. Tootoo is more than a scraper though. He's presents a very good hockey package.