View Full Version : Colorado Football under fire yet again.

02-18-2004, 02:18 AM
Read this on ESPN.com. Heres the link


Just heard a sound bite on the radio from coach Barnett. Basically he blasted her for being a horrible kicker and that she couldnt get the ball through the uprights. Whether the aligations are true or not. I give him 2 weeks before he's fired or resigns.

Kristanna Vola
02-18-2004, 02:52 AM
Touchy subject. I can relate, one of my friends was raped...alas.

Okay she didn't say anything for 4 years, and she's not going to press charges. Half of me is pissed off that she even bothers bringing this up now. If someone does something like that, you let someone know. Forget being scared or frightned. People who do such things don't need to be roaming free, so in a sad kind of way, she's said its okay to do that.

The other half of me can understand how she didn't want to say anything. Typical he said, she said. Collegiate sports playing a role maybe...hmm and she could be lying. I know she would be smeared to high heaven.

I don't want to cancel out what she says, but the timing is just well... :( maybe it makes her story stronger or even weaker.

02-19-2004, 01:27 AM
So much for 2 weeks. Coach Barnett has been placed on administrative leave. Pending an independent investigation. Also there was another sexual assualt alligation involving a colorado football player tonight. Basically the president said the main reason for the actions they are taking toward Barnett are for his comments towards the former female place kicker. Personally at first glance i thought this was the right thing to do. Now i kinda wonder if he truely had know clue what was going on. If thats the case, when do these football players start accepting resposibility for there actions. Seems to me that this was probably know by everyone in the program , but sensing jobs where on the line. The president and the chancellor threw Barnett to the wolves to save there ass. What do you guys think.