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12-12-2003, 02:06 AM
Rhyno on SmackDOWN!
Well, maybe we'll see Sean O'Haire and Kanyon on SD! pretty soon too...

Shannon Moore Beating A-Train
You see? Those squash matches had a purpose. This is exactly how I hoped this angle would resolve itself. Moore gets killed three weeks in a row but then pulls off a fluke but still impressive win. That pin came out of nowhere, but it elevated Moore a LOT when he won. Now, a series of victories against people more of his own size can help make him even better. I certainly like the way he's being pushed so far.

Los Guerreros vs WGTT
Just had to put this in because it was a pretty good match.

Cena vs Big Show Battlerap Segment
Both men displayed some great raps, though Big Show's Kobe Bryant comment was just awesome. The crowd was way into this one, which is always a great thing, and the whole segment was hot. I also liked how Cena gave Show a low blow. He may be a face, but he's not above performing some heel actions if he wants and needs to. That's how I hoped he'd turn out, a sort of tweener, though I'd wanted him to stay heel. This works too, though. :)

Brock Lesnar vs Rey Mysterio
Wow, what a match! Here's another example of gaining huge credibility despite losing. Mysterio put on an amazing show, and the back-and-forth action was entirely not what common sense would dictate. Rather than the squash match one might anticipate with the huge Lesnar going against the small Mysterio, Rey got some great offense, with the sunset flip and hurricanrana outside giving some huge momentum. Hitting his signature moves was incredible too, and the crowd was just rooting for him to pull off the impossible. I very definitely thought he might pull of a lucky victory, and the match itself told a great story of a guy very nearly overcoming the odds. The finish was a bit awkward (understandable when you try to put that sort of submission move on a guy so small; you have to be careful not to snap his neck), but definitely good. Brock didn't lose any credibility, because he still made a guy tap out, but Mysterio emerges as a guy who definitely CAN beat a main event caliber wrestler. This probably isn't a main event push for Mysterio, but it is definitely a great example of how to push a guy without having him win all the time.

And even though I'm opposed to the angle, Hardcore Holly's sudden appearance was surprising and good, storyline wise. It was an unexpected twist and done at the right time--right when the crowd was still hot, so that the show could end on a sort of high-adrenaline note.

Overall, this was definitely a good show. Not a great show, persay, but it's what the WWE needs. Give me this sort of stuff every week and I'll be a very happy fan.

12-12-2003, 05:40 PM
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