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Paranoid Rattlesnake
12-12-2003, 08:12 AM
Sydney retailers are braced for a rush of fans on Friday December 12 when the Rugby League computer game officially goes on sale.

The game has already set a world record in pre-orders with Electronic Boutique's store in Sydney's East Gardens shopping centre receiving 1,062 pre-orders for 'Rugby League'.

"We are one of the largest specialist video game retailer's internationally," EB Games Merchandising Manager, Mr Shane Stockwell, said today.

"The previous record for pre-orders for a single one of our stores anywhere in the world was 1,057 units for a game called GTA Vice City, set by a store in the US.

"Already we've orders for 1,062 units for the Rugby League game which goes on sale on Friday."

The Rugby League Video game has been put together by Australian company Home Entertainment Suppliers and has been over two years in the making.

Its realism, graphics and ease of play have already attracted rave reviews in games magazines.

"This game not only gives Rugby League fans a taste of the action, but it's the sort of game that makes anyone want to give it a go," Sebastian Giompaolo of Home Entertainment Suppliers said today.

"The research that has gone into making this a true representation of the game is incredible.

"Players fans and coaches were all consulted and we held back the release several times to ensure we had the game as close to the real thing as possible."

Rugby League is available on X-Box, Play Station and Computer game formats.

It will be available from Big W, K Mart, Target, Dick Smith Powerhouse, Myer, Toys R Us, Grace Brothers, the Gamesmen, David Jones, Megamart, Games Warehouse, EB Games, Harvey Norman, Infinity Games, Hi Tech World, Peter Wynns Score, FX Games and other selected stores.

The official on-sale date for the game is Friday December 12.