View Full Version : I saw James Blake, John McEnroe, Fish, and Wheaton play tennis tonight

12-13-2003, 01:49 AM
I just thought this may be kind of a change in the usual MLB and NHL topics in here.

Anyway, around this time last year they put a tennis court in the Xcel Energy Center and invited Anna Kournakova and a few others to play some exhibition matches, since professional tennis isnt all too common here in Minnesota.

So tonight they did it again and my friends dad had a suite, so we hit it up. First was like The Jensen Brothers or whatever, they played a team from the U of M. They had mic's on to entertain the crowd, kind of lame though. Then they had four more matches featuring Blake, McEnroe, Fish, and Wheaton, dubbed the battle of the ages.

It was kind of cool because you could hear them and they would talk to the crowd, if you know anything about McEnroe, he did some of his trademark fits on linecalls and stuff, that was cool cause you could actually hear them.

The coolest part though, was when Gaborik and a local TV guy went out and tried to return Fish's serves, mainly because Gaborik was the man.

Anyway, just in case anyone here pays attention to the world of tennis, heres a topic, take it where you will.

12-13-2003, 11:22 AM
james blake and mardy fish are two up and comers. that would be really cool to go to, especially if your like me and a tennis slappy.