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12-14-2003, 02:26 AM
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A couple of weeks ago we reported on some storyline consultants that Stephanie McMahon brought on board as a way to help support her ideas for Smackdown. To update the situation, the consultants were at the tapings this week and the process is continuing as of this report. We'll update everyone as news about their evaluations of the WWE's creative direction becomes available.

- The Hollywood Reporter ran a story today saying that “WWE Films has acquired an untitled horror movie pitch from writer Dan Madigan with plans to develop it as a starring vehicle for one of the organization's most popular wrestlers.” While the article didn't clarify as to who the wrestler would be, most feel that HHH is the likely candidate for the role. The story continued by saying, “The lead character is a remorseless, relentless, vicious and sadistic monster cut from the same cloth as such horror franchise icons as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.”

- The Shane Twins, who have been independently wrestling, will be getting a tryout with the WWE. They will wrestle in a couple dark matches this upcoming week at Raw and Smackdown. Some of you may know them from TNA last year, when they were doing a human penises gimmick.

- An attendance record, in which the WWE had held, in Australia has been defeated by the attendance of a Robbie Willaims concert.

- The WWE Superstar to be featured in the horror film in which WWE Films will be producing has not been confirmed. However, rumors indicate it could be The Undertaker, Steve Austin, or maybe Triple H.

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