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12-14-2003, 06:54 AM
CZW Cage of Death 5 was last night, but I can't find any results, anyone have any?

Darwin Henderson
12-14-2003, 09:13 AM
Dark Matches
- Jude and Niles Young vs. Dahmer and Kastle vs. DJ Hyde and ???
Proper show
- Shun the Kabuki Kid bt GQ, Rick Feinburg & Christian Wolfe in a 4 way match
- Rockin Rebel & Greg Matthews bt Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz
- Jimmy Jacobs bt Derek Frazier & Sabian in a triple threat match
- Jimmy Rave bt Trent Acid 3 - 2 to win the Iron Man Title. score was 2 - 2 after 20 minutes but Logan demanded a restart due to no conclusive winner.
HIV, Zandig confrontation, Zandig has a 6th member - BUT WHO???
- Alex Shelly bt B Boy & Chris Hero to become the #1 contender to the Iron Man Title - Hero eliminated first a B Boy Shining Wizard then Shelly made B Boy tape to an STF
- Joker bt Chris Cash in a ladder match (Azrial & Deranged no showed for a show in New Jersey)
- Sonjay Dutt bt Ruckus with a roll up to win the CZW Jnr Heavyweight Title

Here's play-by-play of the main event:

The cage of death is setup, the one million thumbtacks are in the middle of the second ring, there are eight tables around ringside, and the weapons in the ring include: a cactus, a trash can, two fences, a table, chair, and a box (along with a few things that are out of my view).

The rules of this match are simple. The most men to make it from the COD onto the scaffold and back onto the stage is the winner. The participants start on the stage however, and must walk across the scaffold and get into the cage. Only then are they allowed to go back to the stage to claim victory.

Zandig called Robby Mireno to come to him. Mireno did, and Zandig said that he needs Mireno to give the mic to someone with talent, like Dennis Shock! Dennis Shock then walked out, as a PISSED Robby Mireno cried his way to the back.

Johnny Kashmere then came out, though, he entered the ring first. Zandig said that the has to come on the scaffold first, like he did, and like everyone else must. Kashmere came out wearing a helmet, and knee pads, elbow pads, etc. The two men started this match with some back and forth brawling on the top of the cage. Zandig pushed Johnny Kashmere down the scaffold towards the ring. Zandig and Kashmere landed inside the ring when "In Da Club" cued up and Messiah and Trent Acid entered the stage and made their way to the ring. This match was a three at one at this point, when B-Boy's music qued up in the arena. In the ring, Messiah and Acid threw Zandig against the wooden fence, breaking it in half. Before B-Boy could enter the ring, Messiah told him to wait on the stage. B-Boy did as he was told. Suddenly, an unknown music hit, and the sixth man for Zandig's team walked onto the scaffold.....NEW JACK!!!!!!

After a huge ovation, New Jack got in the ring and got all of Hi-V to back off of Zandig! Finally, Zandig was getting some help….or so we thought. Out of nowhere, New Jack began to beat the hell out of Zandig, using a staple gun against Zandig inside the ring!! Zandig was being slaughtered inside the ring!!!. Finally, some aid for Zandig began to come out as Lob ran to the ring, followed by Ian Knoxx. Lobo bypassed B-Boy, still on the scaffold, and ran to the ring. Knoxx fought B-Boy though, repeatedly slamming B-Boy against the steel cage on the scaffold until it broke and B-Boy went flying into the 1m thumbtack ring!! Ian Knoxx then used the extra piece of fencing that was now hanging to swing down and elbow drop B-Boy!! Following this, all the men of the match started to come out and there was simply havoc everywhere!! The last man to enter was the Wifebeater. (Now take into consideration that 12 men are fighting and the events I am about to list are in somewhat nonsequential order). Trent Acid yakuza kicked Ian Knoxx from the suspended cage all the way to the ringside floor through a table!!! New Jack jumped from the scaffold of the COD to Ian Knoxx on the floor!! Trent Acid threw Nick Gage off the suspended cage and into the ring of tacks!! After being figure foured on the COD scaffold by Johnny Kashmere and Dewey Donovan, Lobo picked up both Donovan and Kashmere and put them on his shoulders in the DVD position. Lobo DVDed both Kashmere and Dewey off the scaffold to the ringside floor through four tables, two stacked!!!! Wifebeater was hung by a steel chain by Messiah and Adam Flash from the COD scaffold!!! They pulled him up with the chain a few inches off the ground!! Following this though, Wifebeater got up and was able to sidewalk slam Adam Flash from the suspended cage to the 1m thumbtack ring!!!!

After all of these bumps (plus others that I may have missed..remember, there are 12 men fighting), everyone was scattered everywhere. There were men fighting around ringsides, in the 1m thumbtack ring, and in the COD. With Zandig on the stage, Nate Hatred and The Messiah were beating Nick Gage to hell in the ring. They opened a table and a bag of thumbtacks. Hatred and Messiah poured the tacks all over the table and climbed to the scaffold with Gage. On the scaffold, Nick Gage, Nate Hatred, and The Messiah began brawling. Zandig began screaming "No, Hatred No" at Nate Hatred. Hatred turned his back on Hi-V at this point, as if he had woken up and realized reality. Gage and Hatred began to beatdown on The Messiah at this point! They both picked up the Messiah and press slammed him from the top of the scaffold into the ring and through the thumbtack table. Then, with both Hatred and Gage staring at each other, they embraced and it looked as if we had the H8 Club reformed again!!!

At this point, Nick Gage and Nate Hatred both got back inside the ring and beat The Messiah up until he was pretty much unconscious. The bell was rung, because there were no Hi-V members that could stand. Your winners were team Ultraviolence!!!!

After the match, all the members of team UV got into the ring, Zandig gave a little speech about how the disease known as the Hi-V has now been wiped out, due to the reformation of the H8 Club!! Also said, Zandig made the match for next month: Zandig vs. New Jack in an ultraviolent street fight!! Also, starting next month, a strong style tournament would be beginning!!

Got this from http://www.czwfans.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=22381

12-14-2003, 11:26 AM
cheers dude :y: :D

12-14-2003, 05:41 PM
Wow.. That was like one big spot fest cluster ****.. Sounded quality though!