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Seanny One Ball 03-30-2024 11:50 AM

Beefcake episode was top notch and it made me like his attitude. I’ve heard all about the face collapse before and it nearly made me throw up so seeing the x-ray was great.

I looked up his wife immediately afterwards and found a clip of Greg Valentine calling her a cunt and laughing. Greg Valentine may look an old woman I know called Marion but he is a great interview.

Savio 04-01-2024 05:44 PM

Fuck gotta watch this tonight.

Big Vic 04-02-2024 10:31 AM

Super hilarious episode (Bagwell).

Bad News Gertner 04-02-2024 05:50 PM

Harley Race this week

Seanny One Ball 04-22-2024 09:15 AM

Harley was ok, Chris Colt was good, Chris Adams was excellent.

Good season so far.

weather vane 04-22-2024 02:48 PM

Chris Adams was awesome.

Bad News Gertner 04-23-2024 08:27 AM

The Chris Adams episode was everything I had hoped for.

Been wanting this episode since it started

Chris Colt episode was awesome

Harley Race episode was eh.

EIWF 04-24-2024 07:09 AM

I need to catch up on the episodes but there not easily available in the UK, last series I was relying on finding them uploaded onto youtube to watch.

Seanny One Ball 04-24-2024 11:22 AM

You’re welcome

weather vane 04-25-2024 03:48 PM

Liked Sherri’s.

Seanny One Ball 04-28-2024 06:22 AM

What the fuck is up with Sherri’s boy?

The pictures do not match the reality. You can’t do an episode like that and include the exsanguinated son without explanation.

Bad News Gertner 05-12-2024 11:02 AM

Halfway through the Sandman and I have Black Saturday left.

The second half of the season is the best run of shows they've done.

Seanny One Ball 05-13-2024 09:26 AM

Sandman was pretty standard and Black Saturday was sorely missing a bunch of angry old men.

Good season, just not very dark really.

erickman 05-13-2024 10:31 AM

loved the end of black saturday vince busted an forced out of wwe. now dark side is working with wwe they can do vince stories

Seanny One Ball 05-13-2024 10:52 AM

Show me the smoking gun

Bad News Gertner 05-16-2024 11:20 AM

The Sandman episode was alright.

I have Black Saturday left

Bad News Gertner 05-17-2024 07:59 AM

Black Saturday was alright. Nothing that I haven't heard before.

Lots of "Vince killed the Territories" nonsense.

Seanny One Ball 05-19-2024 12:02 PM

Chris Adams and Chris Colt were both good episodes.
The most shocking thing in the whole season was the state that Sherri’s son has gotten himself into since her death.

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