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Kalyx triaD 05-15-2014 11:33 AM

Flash on CW

The Flash is part of the DCCW Universe currently shared with Arrow.

VSG 05-15-2014 12:12 PM

I will be starting on Arrow soon but this is good news. Who would have thought these CW shows would be doing more for DC than the movies?

Kalyx triaD 05-15-2014 12:25 PM

Me. DC has a good TV track record.

Vastardikai 05-15-2014 12:52 PM

The Flash used to be my comic in my younger days.

Kalyx triaD 05-15-2014 01:26 PM

I was never a fan in particular, but I watched the first TV series way back when.

Kalyx triaD 05-15-2014 01:51 PM


<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I am so down it's not funny. That trailer is as hype as some movie trailers.

Lock Jaw 05-15-2014 02:25 PM

Whoa.... literally can't wait for this show.

Lock Jaw 05-15-2014 02:26 PM

Wonder what resident TPWW Flash-Fan Jimmy Cones thinks of this

Lock Jaw 05-15-2014 02:38 PM

The Flash will be airing Tuesdays at 8PM

Kalyx triaD 05-15-2014 02:54 PM

With SHIELD moving to Tuesdays at 9, it's gonna be a good night.

DaveBrawl 05-15-2014 03:02 PM

Finally Tuesday is no longer the worst tv night of the week.

Jura 05-15-2014 03:50 PM

Tuesdays have been loaded. Thursdays used to be the best but no longer. I think it's Wednesdays and Fridays that are at the bottom.

Tuesday - Agents of S H I E L D, The Originals, New Girl, Supernatural, Person of Interest, Brooklyn Nine-Nine etc

DaveBrawl 05-15-2014 03:57 PM

For me Agents of Shield has legit been the only show I have actually wanted to watch on a Tuesday since like high school.

Wednesday's I have Arrow, Criminal Minds and Archer. Never thought about Friday or Saturday though.

Corporate CockSnogger 05-15-2014 04:22 PM

Looks sweet, potentially a little goofy, but hopefully just sweet.

dronepool 05-15-2014 09:52 PM

The trailer hyped me up. I haven't seen all of Arrow yet but I did just watch the Barry episodes and this show looks more fun than Arrow.

Krimzon7 05-15-2014 10:05 PM

As the founder of the Arrow on CW lovewagon, I approve of this thread, this trailer, this excitement and this timeslot.

This is gonna be some epic shit. Wonder if Flash gives Ollie a little more of that comedic wit. He's been so good as a brooding bad ass, it would be cool to see some wise cracking GA.

On second thought, maybe not. Keep Ollie just as he is. Let Barry have his own gimmick

Tom Guycott 05-16-2014 12:15 AM


Originally Posted by Krimzon7 (Post 4429949)
This is gonna be some epic shit.

This whole thread summary in seven words.

Juan 05-16-2014 02:33 AM

Just marked out at seeing Jesse L. Martin playing a detective again.

RIP Detective Lennie Briscoe

Jimmy Cones 05-16-2014 03:01 AM


Originally Posted by Lock Jaw (Post 4429480)
Wonder what resident TPWW Flash-Fan Jimmy Cones thinks of this

Pretty sure I jizzed all over the fucking place.

Jura 06-16-2014 12:36 PM

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Kalyx triaD 06-16-2014 03:32 PM

In hindsight, they did superspeed pretty well.

Lock Jaw 06-16-2014 03:33 PM

Never seen the old Flash show. That intro reminds me of the Batman: TAS intro for some reason.

SixxT9 06-16-2014 03:40 PM

That guy is a total early 90s dreamboat.

Nowhere Man 06-16-2014 08:56 PM

Anyone else kinda hoping that the actor who played 90s Flash shows up at some point as Jay Garrick?

Kalyx triaD 06-16-2014 09:07 PM

Actually he's been cast as Barry's father.

JimmyMess 06-17-2014 01:22 PM

The music sounds like Batman the Animated Series

Dark-Slicer Diago 06-18-2014 08:13 AM

The reason the theme is reminiscent of Batman: TAS is because it's also from Danny Elfman.

Kalyx triaD 06-18-2014 10:58 AM

Did Elfman do that theme? Thought it was Shirley Walker.

Asmo 06-26-2014 11:41 PM

So, who's seen the pilot?

I'm a complete novice when it comes to The Flash. The pilot did what it was supposed to - had me intrigued about what's going to happen next.

That being said, X-Men DOFP did such an awesome job with Quicksilver that the fast running sequences here feel campy. But considering that's a movie, and this TV, i'm guessing they did have to cut corners.

Oliver Queen's cameo was 'cool'. Marked out a bit there.

Lock Jaw 06-26-2014 11:44 PM

Doesn't debut until October, bro

The Destroyer 06-27-2014 02:34 AM

It leaked though.

Kalyx triaD 06-27-2014 03:21 AM

It has indeed leaked. So if you got into it please consider spoiler tags until official release.

Lock Jaw 07-09-2014 09:45 PM

Robbie Amell cast as Ronnie Raymond

ClockShot 07-10-2014 03:03 PM

No doubt Steve might have had a hand in that to make sure he landed softly after Tomorrow People got axed.

VSG 10-07-2014 09:09 PM

Debut time.

Lock Jaw 10-07-2014 10:29 PM

I enjoyed it. Will tune in again.

I predict confusing time travel shenanigans in the future. And the past.

VSG 10-07-2014 10:33 PM

I had watched the leaked pilot before but this was still pretty good. Having 2 series with common elements will be interesting, with this going more into the supernatural villain of the week for now.

Lock Jaw 10-07-2014 10:35 PM

I look forward to seeing Grodd.

Everything is better with apes.

VSG 10-07-2014 10:36 PM

Definitely, Grodd is pretty awesome.

McLegend 10-07-2014 11:40 PM

Pumped me up for Arrow.

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