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FWA probably have the most readily available videos, they're always putting stuff up. I don't recommend watching actual matches unless it's in person because single or double camera setups tend to make the matches quite tedious to watch and it makes it look cheaper than it already is. But 'a look' at some of the better guys in terms of 'the big leagues':

Probably the best guy in the country. Has his character bang on (you'd be surprised how many guys don't realize the importance of having an actual character) quality wrestler, 'gets it', doesn't do 2 millions move and 16 WWE finishers in a 7 minute match etc. Only problem is he's like 5'6. If he was a foot taller, he'd have been signed a long time ago.

Looks like a million dollars, ridiculously athletic, good wrestler, poor promos/mannerisms etc but you could probably have said the same kind of thing about Stu Sanders before he went and he's Wade Barrett now. Has worked on Smackdown, Velocity, some backstage segments on various tours over here, had tryouts etc. Wouldn't be surprised to see him go at some point.

Stone is the guy in the singlet, Moss the one with the body. Been rumours floating around for the longest time that Martin's been signed but he still hasn't gone so maybe he's got visa problems or he's working people etc. Plenty of 'the boys' high up 'the ladder' believe it though so dunno. He's quality, can't really say much more. Johnny Moss probably has the best body in the country and he drinks like he's working the territories in the 80's. 'Legit'. Both have had tryouts, Moss also worked a date on the most recent TNA tour against Jeff Jarrett.

Probably doing the best in terms of constant work out of all the British based guys that aren't All Star regulars atm along with Pac, multiple tours for Dragon Gate, worked the last TNA tour (including working with Jarrett, Angle and Matt Hardy on the first night. Bastard) works all over Europe and so on. Cruiserweight/X division type guy that actually looks the part unlike most guys doing that style over here (and there are lots of 'em)

Dave is a monster, a full on killer. Great wrestler, plays his character well, in good shape etc. Went to OVW for a few months at the request of somebody you've heard of. Can do ridiculous things like arabian moonsaults which are jaw-dropping to see for somebody his size. Only like 5'8 or something which seriously hampers his chances of getting signed, TNA would probably care less about that.

Others include RJ Singh (another of the few guys with excellent characters, has been going to the gym more lately ), Iestyn Rees (body), Joel Redman (body), Sha Samuels (great at everything, 'unique' look, amazing heel), El Ligero (might constantly have the best matches in the country, cruiserweight type guy that pretends to be a luchadore and does it brilliantly) Chris Andrews (body) Britani Knight (gorgeous, comes from a wrestling family) Vikki Skeeles/Verity Thomas (hot, got implants, green as but was in the right place at the right time, got signed before asking for her release) a bunch of All Star guys as well as Olly Brown/Monty Lynch and Tom Latimer/Kenneth Cameron in FCW etc etc. Most if not all have had tryouts/are known by WWE/TNA including the last 2 obv. There are others but not many worth much, far too many skinny guys in kickpads doing MOVEZ, guys that are just flat out smart marks who will never 'get it' posing as wrestlers, guys that look like the ones in the pictures posted up there, guys that appear almost out of nowhere looking like a million dollars and get tryouts, some get signed (Barri Griffiths/Goliath/Mason Ryan) or are utterly useless/just not ready/too inexperienced despite looking the way they do etc. It's a mixed bag leaning towards shit but we have some gold scattered throughout. Matches involving everybody I've mentioned are easily available online, just remember that I warned you about the aforementioned production values

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