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Originally Posted by Rammsteinmad View Post
Dunno if this thread is still alive, but oh well...

I watched Incredible Hulk (amazing film!) and then went on IMDB to read trivia's etc. Someone on the message board commented on a possible hint at Thor in this movie. Highlight black area to read Spoilers (for any Spoiler bitches out there).

When Hulk and Betty are by the cliff side and the lightning storm goes off. The scene plays itself as kinda random, and could be a hint towards Thor, especially with Marvel films starting to cross over. This is really just a random little guess, but the scene itself did seem a bit odd, especially considering that the scene before was a hot sunny day.

It would be cool if they referenced that in the Thor movie. "I saw some strange green beast" or summit.

I had that idea in my had untill I went and watched Hulk again today. But then I realized something.....

Spoilers of course in Black----

When the scene where Betty and Banner are at the school starts the second the shot opens you can see a thunderstorm in the background. As the scene goes on you see the dark clouds moving in and as the fight between Hulk and Blonsky breaks out you can see the clouds above. Then after the Copter cene it begins to rain which leads to the whole cliff scene and the scene with the General at the ex boyfriends house. I would have liked for it to be a think leading toward Thor but it just looks like it was just a normal storm that made its way over during the scene.

End of spoilers
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