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I finished JRs book recently and also Justin Roberts.

JRs book was okay. I was enjoying it but them it abruptly ended at WM15. Obviously a ploy to write a second book much like Jericho does. I was really looking forward to reading about JR signing all of the mid 2000s talent. He's a talented storyteller though and at least this way I didn't have to listen to his god awful impressions of Stu Hart and Terry Funk. 7/10

Justin Roberts I really enjoyed. Probably because I picked it up for 0.74 on Amazon kindle. He basically lived his dream but then got very very bitter to WWE. It was really interesting to read the full account of his side of the Connor Michalek story. It does make you see the corporate side of WWE in a different light. 8/10 (higher mark because I had little expectations for such a cheap read)
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