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Dirtsheets sponsored by Brain Buster Tuesday:

Originally Posted by Observer
After last week's current day strong RAW number following the surprising Dean Ambrose WWE title win, ratings came down for the Monday, June 27th edition of the show on a night without strong television competition.

Raw did 3.09 million viewers, the lowest number on a night without major team sports competition since 1997 . That's the second lowest numbers outside of football season or major holidays, beating only the 2.96 million viewers drawn two weeks ago against game five of the NBA playoffs ...

Viewership dropped 11 percent from last week, showing the big gain caused by the post-Money in the Bank buzz didn't sustain ...

The three hours were:

8 p.m. 3.10 million viewers
9 p.m. 3.17 million viewers
10 p.m. 3.01 million viewers
The good news being the hourly drops being very small while the bad news being very weak starting numbers and down by around 374k viewers compared to last week. In terms of historical stuff, same week last year had between 300k to 500k more viewers for hours. Observer's been teasing for a while about next week likely going to break the record for lowest ever RAW show due it being on July 4th.

Originally Posted by Observer
As noted before, on Smackdown, they continued to promote the three-way with Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins for Battleground on 7/24, with no mention being made of Reigns not being on the show or not being around. Shaun Smith noted that on the WWE page on the Sky Sports website where they always report on WWE news, whether it be storyline or real, such as the Adam Rose suspension being reported, there is not a mention at all of the Roman Reigns suspension, and the main news item talks about the three-way match.
Pretty much confirms suspicions around the net the WWE is doing everything to ensure Reigns suspension gets forgotten as soon as possible and him getting the Orton treatment when it comes to how this might not affect his career as badly as it did for others.

Originally Posted by Observer
Shinsuke Nakamura will now face Chris Jericho on Friday’s WWE house show at Sumo Hall in Japan after Bray Wyatt was removed from the tour. Ironically enough, the Japanese commercial for the tour features all sorts of WWE stars except Nakamura or Asuka. Both are on the tour in their home country.
Originally Posted by Observer
ESPN has a story from the Associated Press plugging Brock Lesnar being on the cover of the WWE 2K17 video game. The article also mentions his upcoming UFC fight but notes, “Win or lose inside the octagon, Lesnar will still appear for WWE in August at SummerSlam.”

Originally Posted by Observer
The names announced for the two jobbers on Raw last night that lost to Enzo and Big Cass were apparently a reference to baseball players that are prospects for the Philadelphia Phillies.
Originally Posted by Observer
The RAW replay on Friday did 473,000 viewers, up slightly from previous weeks.
Originally Posted by Observer
Though it had been known for some time, Pro Wrestling Guerilla officially announced Cody Rhodes as the first entrant in their annual Battle of Los Angeles tournament. He is joined by NJPW’s Kamaitachi, Jeff Cobb (Lucha Underground’s Matanza Cueto) and rising European star Mark Haskins as the first announced participants. The tournament will take place on September 2-4.
Stephanie McMahon says Brock Lesnar is in one of the most unique positions of any WWE star. In an interview with Business Insider conducted last week at the Cannes Lions festival in France, Stephanie talked about Lesnar returning to the UFC octagon while still under contract with WWE.

Stephanie says the UFC and WWE are not competitors because one is competitive sport and one is entertainment. Stephanie says WWE is more like a Hollywood production than a sport, and WWE has an advantage as far as television goes because they can script their protagonists and antagonists.

“UFC, they can make a big star but the second that person loses, they lose credibility, and how do you continue to make that star rise?” Stephanie said. “So I think [WWE has] the best of both worlds and the opportunity to tell the stories in the way we want to tell them.”
Originally Posted by
To facilitate that, WWE held a conference call with Heyman recently. He was asked about a wide range of topics, but as it is with most WWE chatter these days, the brand split was front and center.

Given his history as a writer and authority figure on the SmackDown, he was asked about assuming the General Manager role or even rejoining the Creative team.

Doesn’t sound like he’s interested in either role, to say the least:

Oh I certainly hope not. General Manager is a role I had a blast with, but I would prefer to stay in the role that I have had for the past four years, which is to serve as the advocate for Brock Lesnar.

I don't think I'm in the consideration to be even close to the writing staff in today's WWE corporate environment. Nor have I requested to be on the writing staff in today's WWE environment. I have a primo gig: I serve as the advocate for Brock Lesnar and I happen to be able to do that on television as well, and I think WWE is best served with me in that role. The job of a writer in WWE is a very demanding job, I don't think it's for a father of two children who are just getting into their teenage years. It is a young man's job: 24/7, 365 commitment for as long as you can continue to match the work ethic of the chairman and that's a daunting task to begin with.
Originally Posted by Observer
The return of an ace and the debut of several key talents were the most notable takeaways from Monday morning’s announcement of the participants in New Japan Pro Wrestling’s 26th annual G1 Climax tournament, made during the promotion's Kizuna Road show ...

Kenny Omega headlines the six participants making their first G1 appearance in this year’s tournament. He is joined by Tama Tonga, Yoshi-Hashi, Seiya Sanada, Evil, and Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Katsuhiko Nakajima. Nakajima and NOAH stalwart Naomichi Marufuji are the only outsiders among the field.

- A Block: Togi Makabe, Satoshi Kojima, Tomohiro Ishii, Hirooki Goto, Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga, Seiya Sanada, Naomichi Marufuji, Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi

- B Block: Katsuyori Shibata, Yuji Nagata, Tomoaki Honma, Michael Elgin, Toru Yano, Tetsuya Naito, Evil, Kenny Omega, Yoshi-Hashi, Katsuhiko Nakajima
Lineup for this year's G1 Tournament. Match dates and other details in the link:

Originally Posted by Observer
The reason Zumbi wasn't in the WWE cruiserweight tournament and instead did the Elite tournament is that WWE didn't get his visa issues done in time. Paul Levesque talked that they would like to give him another shot, and also talked of the cruiserweight classic as being an idea they can repeat.
Originally Posted by Observer
A match that seemed improbable a month ago was announced Sunday morning as Revolution Pro Wrestling has booked Vader vs. Will Ospreay for their Friday, Aug. 12 show at York Hall in London, England.

The match became increasingly inevitable as the two built interest for it with a social media feud, based on one of the most famous matches of 2016: Ospreay vs. Ricochet from New Japan Pro Wrestling's Best of the Super Juniors show on May 27th.
Originally Posted by PWI
WWE star Ryback, who's deal is slated to expire in a few weeks, noted on Twitter he was undergoing surgery yesterday:

Ear, nose and throat surgery today. I have put off some serious stuff the last 11 years and it will be nice hearing and breathing normal.
— The Big Guy (@Ryback22) June 27, 2016

WWE sources indicate there has been no communication between WWE and Ryback since the former WWE Intercontinental champion and the company hit a snag in their contract negotiations. It would appear that Ryback will be hitting the independents soon and we have also heard he is working on a supplements line.
There have been some rumors over the last week about Hulk Hogan’s status with WWE and we can confirm that he now considered to be back on good terms with the company.

Vince McMahon and other top WWE officials are open to bringing Hogan back in again.

No word yet on how he may return but one source expected him to be eased back in. It was also noted that Hogan still equals money and some officials have been waiting for the right time to bring Hogan back into the spotlight.
Source itself is pretty low in the dirtsheets hierarchy when it comes to reliability so take it with a grain of salt.

Some other sheet news includes:
  • Hideo Itami recently teased on Twitter his in-ring debut is imminent and could occur as early as later this week.
  • Jim Ross was recently a guest on Submission Report podcast with topics involving Brock Lesnar and if a loss in UFC would affect his WWE star power.
  • According to the results from a recent set of Lucha Underground tapings for Season 3, Ricochet/Prince Puma
    SPOILER: show
    is currently expected to leave the company soon due to him losing the title vs career match against Johnny Mundo.
  • WWE recently signed Carly Arnolt as backstage interviewer for the company. Prior to the WWE, she was a sports reporter for Fox59 Indianapolis.
  • According to reports, Simon Gotch recently got hurt during one of WWE's house shows over the weekend. Anthony Bennett also got hurt during his Cruiserweight Tournament match last week.
  • E! announced the Total Bellas, spin-off of Total Divas, will premiere on October 5th.
  • Paul Heyman was this week's guest for ESPN's wrestling segment. Mostly talked about UFC and the Brand Split.
  • In a "WWE Did You Know" type fact, today is the 18th anniversary of the infamous Taker-Foley Hell in the Cell match.
  • According to reports, WWE is planning on selling wrestler themed flags seen in Battlegrounds ppv commercials by mid-July.
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