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It will be about timing. Gamergate's root causes are nothing out of the ordinary nor is there anything wrong with most of them as you laid them out:

- The end of gender bias in games journalism.
- Disclaimers of any prior relationships between journalist and subject (Kotaku and others have already started this to their credit).
Still think this one is no one's business - on either side.

On a broader, yes, certain paid articles and corporate shilling needs to end or at least downplay.
Writers need to differentiate between a game review (which should focus on merits of the game), and their own personal of a game's subtext. This is a tricky line, but a lot of us have been bothered with how game articles are written nowadays. Polygon's Bayonetta 2 review said nothing that would help a potential buyer, but it sure was sexist, eh? They can have blog spaces for that conversation. Gaming needs to be about gaming again.
Is this the review you refer to?

If so, they talk about both subjects - graphics, new gameplay featuers, as well as the over-sexualization of the main character. Oddly enough, a pretty decent chunk of the game is it's art direction, which has to do with her clothes coming off as you chain higher combos. As as integral part of the game mechanics, albeit visually, it can still be offensive to some people and they can have their opinion. In addition, you do not know that it did not help a potential buyer, unless you believe everyone is as in-depth a gamer as you say.

The end of toxic discourse in the gaming community. GamerGate and Game Journos can together make a huge stand against this age old behavior, we're too busy blaming each other. Nobody, nobody wants to be harassed, threatened or dox'd. Together we need to vilify this behavior. Understandably you can't stop a troll from being a troll, but since we both hate them, we can certainly make their lives hell.
Both groups will lose (and already have) against the trolls. They have nothing better to do and will ruin the cause (as they have) for both sides. If GG echoes the bolded sentiment, I would advise to rethink that strategy.

Integrity, not even of the job specific kind.
The problem lies that as the GG movement grew, the trolling was way out in front and now any and any associations are tied to the movement. Just as any "hot button" multimedia topic, it will die down given time. It is before that time (such as now) that GG, as a unified movement, to reinvent themselves and their image.

Anything at this point will be lost in the turmoil and both sides will point fingers at one another, trolls will help fuel the propaganda by pointing fingers for both sides as well. No one wins, no one is winning and both sides look like complete asshats.

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