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Originally Posted by Indifferent Clox View Post
Ok so i read secret invasion and I have like 3 questions

what is this 'he loves you' stuff?
what happened to iron man?
spoiler for the last one?
[black/]what was up with all the different versions is this crisis on multiple marvels?[/black]
1. Dunno exactly. The skrulls who are behind all this are the religous type, their leader being skrull royalty. They were banished after the skree-krull war by pro-technology skrulls. After Galactus consumed their homeworld (as the religious sect prophesized) the survivors came to them to lead. That was the opening scene of SI #1. "He loves you" has something to do with their faith. Not just a code word. We don't know what yet.

2. Did you not see a certain Iron Man accompliss saying "he loves you" and inserting a virus into everything stark related?

3. Nobody knows yet. Wait til issue 2. Maybe further. Nice Black spoilers btw.
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