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I don't want Rogers/CBC airing the Cup Finals in Canada if 2 U.S. teams are involved.

To me, that's subliminal advertising of U.S. 'culture' on Canadian TV.

In fact, I'd go one further, and say that if 2 U.S. teams make it to the Cup Final, then the whole series is blacked out on Canadian TV and all online streams, even if extreme financial damage to the NHL is the end result.

That way, we don't have to watch Gary Buttman use the Canadian flag as toilet paper, to wipe his ass with, and then throw it in the Cup when he's done with it.

24 years of no championship for Canada's franchises. Makes me want to go to the HHOF, with a sledgehammer, and destroy the Cup they have there.

The Cup means nothing if it promotes U.S. financial power on Canadian TV...there's a word for that. It's called anti-Canadian propaganda.

To those here, don't watch the Cup Final, and don't keep giving Gary your TV money.

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