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Finally seen this. Long story short I liked it. Been bouncing around catching on discussions and criticisms and debates and speculations. While it's still fresh in my head here's my run-down, as well as replies/co-signs to stuff from this thread. I wanna remind again, that I like this movie.

- Yeah, this plot is almost carbon copy of A New Hope. Heroes coming together by chance, super-weapon, references to past legendary battles (though it's cute and that we are now totally in the know of these past battles. We're old guys; the original trilogy is today's Clone Wars), myths of past Jedi, even the planning stage scene complete with holo power points. This is almost a remake of A New Hope. This skews things for me in regard to people talking how much this feels like a Star Wars film. I'm sure what people mean is 'tone', less robotic dialogue of the prequels and more 'hell of a ride' scenes. However, I would challenge that it had very little choice but to feel like Star Wars since the movie kind of... cheats a bit by recycling so many beats from the most beloved era and most beloved movie. Was it too much biting? I give slack for it being the kick-off of a new trilogy and it works as kind of a reintroduction to the brand. It does put a question in mind: Can a new Star Wars movie feel like a Star Wars movie without recycling almost exact plot beats from other Star Wars movies?

- This is an aesthetic issue for me, and one I understand if people don't really mind: Why are X-Wings and TIE Fighters still in use? This era is as far removed from the Death Star era as that was from the Clone Wars. The mechanic designs of the Clone Wars were obviously echoing the curvy 60's tech in comparison to the then modern Death Star era. And yet, going from that to what we can assume is 'present time', they are still using X-Wings and TIE Fighters. Cars today do not look like cars from 30-40yrs ago. This was the logic in Clone Wars era vehicle design. This gets me because the lack of attempt in updating the war machines shows me the downside of Abrams' obvious adoration for the original trilogy. This combined with the plot issue gives me almost the exact same 'I like it but...' feeling I had with Superman Returns.

I'm afraid nostalgia may have hindered this movie's potential.

- Although I found it hilarious in a way; seeing a Storm Trooper mourn the death of another was kind of a game changer for me. I would like a Storm Trooper movie now. Just those fuckers living in a universe working for insane people, surrounded by super heroes and villains. Make the Chrome chick the big bad or whatever. Speaking of her...

- "Ohhh look at the chrome trooper. Holy shit it's a woman. This is who's playing her. Let's interview her. So much mystery. She looks badass. Definitely the new Boba. Abrams is saying very little, can't wait to see her..."

Scene 1: "Report to the principals office, trooper." "Yes, ma'am."
Scene 2: "I'M THE BOSS NOW." "You again? Dammit."
Scene 3: "You're making a big mistake." "throw her in the trash."

I get really annoyed when Abrams pulls shit like this. You go out of your way to put her in the best trooper armor ever, talk her up, then blow her off without any hint as to why she's even captain of anything. No fight scene or anything. Fuck, you could have gave her the Vibra-Tongfa duel with Finn - THAT would have had narrative payoff and elevated her threat level. Maybe in the next one she'll turn out to be Mandalorian or something, but big let down on Phasma.

- "How did you get Luke's lightsaber?" "Tell you later. lol"

You don't get to do shit like this, Abrams. If you want your 'Oracle' sans cookies, I get that. In fact it's quite inspired. I like her. But it really felt like you needed to get that thing in the heroes hands with minimal fuss. And given other reveals, it might just be, "Hey can you hold this for me?"

- Finn is my fave character of the movie. The most relatable, and very funny. Making this clear because I'm gonna tear into 'Reyny Sue' in a bit.

- Han Solo. Yeah his end was telegraphed and I think they should have Walking Dead his ass with out of nowhere stab from lil Ben. Again, I can only imagine it was that drawn out because Abrams wanted to give Solo a dramatic send off, but it was at the cost of shock factor. Kylo should have came out of nowhere and shanked him. Sure keep the face touch thing, but I would have kicked the audience in the balls with that one. Great to see Solo being Solo, though.

- General Leia (not Jedi Knight/Master Leia? I guess). I can't help but want to know more about whatever kind of break up she had with Han. Whatever went down with Luke and Kylo split them up, and I'm very interested in knowing that story. Also; why is she a resistance fighter? More on this new conflict >>

- So it's La Resistance vs The First Order? How in the holy shit did the good guys wind up as under dogs again, after literally blowing up the Empire? What kind of politics in the last 30yrs didn't set up all manner of laws and militaries to keep anything like the Clone Wars and Death Star Wars from happening again? This for me is a huge gaff that may actually have an interesting answer, but it makes the Republic look inept to allow The First Order to reassemble remnants of the Empire the way it did. Even if they stationed on the Outer Rim territories. This is a head scratcher for me.

- I'm gonna let the medieval hack and slash choreography of the big duel slide on the count that a) Finn rightfully has no clue what he's doing, b) Kylo is a poor tempered rageaholic and c) for the first time in Star Wars nobody actually has a direct line to a seasoned duelist. It makes sense that these are kids with swords just kind of hurting other.

But I am a huge fan of the Nick Gillard choreographed saber duels of the prequel era. Now that Rey presumably found a master, perhaps duels will get good again going forward.

Now let's talk about Rey after a quick snack.

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