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The resistance is affiliated with the new republic. It was formed as sort of a special ops unit to combat the First Order who have been slowly growing in power but is not yet seen as a major threat. Leia decides to lead this effort as it seems several rebellion leaders did as well. Lukes absense has also led to a growth in their power.

Phasma will be back for more. This movie smartly didn't kill off any villains.

The tie fighters and x wing fighters have been gone through some changes. Why would the technology change? It rarely ever changed in these types of films. If you want change they built a bigger better Deathstar. Star Wars has been using the same tech for thousands of years.

The lightsaber duels in the prequels were all emotionless eye porn with Anakin Obi-wan being the biggest offender. They literally stand there for 30 seconds just twirling their lightsabers. It's complete nonsense.
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