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Originally Posted by Ultra Mantis View Post
Triple H actually said he was open to work with ANYONE, so there's as much chance of a CHW crossover. He never said anything about New Japan. The British Tabloids are the ultimate shitlords and are just trying to spin a story out of it.

NJPW becoming a WWE offshoot where Zack Ryder can go to recharge his batteries would be the absolute fucking worst, come on.
It wouldn't be Zack Ryder going to New Japan. It would be people they actually wanted to book, lol. If Ryder wanted a spot in the New Japan Rumble then maybe he inserts in there.

Originally Posted by Simple Fan View Post
If that's the case they can leave and join NJPW. I don't see why NJPW would work with WWE at a point where I hey are trying to expand. WWE has a monopoly on the business and a partnership would probably end up helping NXTs global expansion more so than NJPWs. You know WWE would spin everything to make them look superior to NJPW so I don't think it's smart.
They can, but what if more people are like Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio and Jim Ross and want to work for New Japan, but also want to retain their relationship with WWE? What if Bryan wants to bucket list a Wrestle Kingdom but also wants to keep his wife's profile out there with the reality shows and throw more money into an account for his daughter?

New Japan have openly stated that they want to work with WWE. New Japan would benefit by getting more eyeballs on their product. Right now they only have 100,000 or so New Japan World subscribers. Going with the WWE means that their shows have a potential audience of 10x that size.

Vince having a monopoly on the business is more of a reason that this would be possible. Not likely, mind you -- because we do know Vince -- but possible. More so than ever he's got a bunch of talent with a positive relationship with New Japan and more of an artistic approach to the business. If keeping Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura means that he occasionally lets them do what Jericho and Mysterio do, I can see him saying "Fuck it. I want to be able to show it though." And it babyfaces him. He's the benevolent don of wrestling that lends out his talent.

Now Vince can not book New Japan talent. That is obvious. He doesn't really follow other products and is likely to have Okada lose on SmackDown to Tye Dillinger. But I imagine that it would be simple enough to have someone work as the liaison and work on the booking ideas/put together pieces for WWE television. If Brock is leaving WWE in August, then that could be a new role for Heyman? If they bring the commentary in-house and have Mauro/JR and Nigel McGuinness call the English shows, then Don Callis is someone who could move into that position. I'm sure Triple H would take credit for heading up something like that. In the first year, hypothetically, the presence of New Japan in WWE could be Chris Jericho defending the IWGP IC Title at SummerSlam against Tetsuya Naito in a semi-main, Suzuki working a Takeover against Aleister Black, Okada teaming with some babyfaces at Survivor Series (and surviving), Okada challenging Daniel Bryan for the IWGP Title at Mania (after Bryan wins it at WK13). For example. It doesn't mean Tanahashi has to be in opening tags against The Revival every week. But yes, how Vince would book New Japan is a big concern.

Originally Posted by #BrotherVito DELETED View Post
I remember once thinking that they could do a temporary talent exchange where Cesaro goes into the G1 and Kitamura goes to NXT for his excursion since he appeared to be Vince's wet dream.

Then he got concussed and retired.
This sort of thing is something that Triple H would definitely do, because he loves pandering to the internet crowd. And he's worked with New Japan before (Liger). How does it help Cesaro? Well, he gets to go and prove that he's the "best wrestler in the world" and comes back stateside, he gets the "yay, he's back" reaction and people are generally more into him given that they've been worked into thinking he's the best wrestler in the world. Japan made Albert and Festus "good."

NXT is always going to be looking for talent to restock itself, so sending young boys on excursion to NXT gives them a great chance to be packaged as something more complete. You wouldn't have 8 different Japanese guys running around at one time, but taking someone the New Japan office likes and having them work against some of the experienced guys there means you've got an emerging talent that you know you've got for (x) amount of time. And they will get more of a following than they would be working north-east indies or whatever.
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