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This week's REAL DEAL WRESTLING : Tyrone P Bridges is BACK baby! Baller Status tournament and more!

WOW. This weeks Real Deal has been posted and its one HELL of a show. If you like wrestling - you'll love this show. Tyrone P Bridges returns just in time to start the BALLER STATUS championship tournament !

One of this new faces is none other than CROW who had a killer match.

Cazzam's and MG Hurst's feud took to a new level - u gotta watch to see what happened!
My fav match from this show is definitely Luke Knight/Cazzam, Knight has really improved boatloads lately!
Oh and next week? There's gonna be a LAST MAN STANDING match!

Watch it, rate it, follow Real Deal on Twitter, like on facebook and discuss this show HERE! Oh also I heard that one of you emailed Jordan "The Giant" Cassat about me posting here, well let me tell you something, Jordan has nothing to do with me. I am just a fan who wants to discuss Real Deal Wrestling and I am not affiliated in any way shape or form with Real Deal Wrestling. I am just a FAN. So please don't contact the guys. Thanks.

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