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Dirtsheets sponsored by The Perfect 10:

Originally Posted by Observer
The Tuesday, September 27th edition of SmackDown Live on USA Network drew 2.340 million viewers, headlined between WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose.

That number was up 2% from last week, which was the lowest the company had experienced for SmackDown since the brand spli ...

Smackdown is now averaging 2.564 million viewers since the brand split, which is well above what the show had been doing when airing taped on Tuesday nights. Over the same time frame, Raw has averaged 3.004 million.
Probably safe to assume by now RAW does have a negative effect on Smackdown if Smackdown still can't take advantage of RAW's decline during the new brand split era. Also pretty much proves another theory WWE's floor for viewers is a little over 2 million regardless of the quality of shows.

Originally Posted by PWTorch
scored a 1.75 TV rating, down 11 percent from last week’s show.

The previous standard-week, low-point for Raw was a 1.8 back in October 1996. However, there was a Christmas Week episode on December 23, 1996 that scored a 1.5 rating to set the all-time low-point.

Raw’s three hours averaged 2.478 million viewers, down eight percent (about 206,000 viewers) from last week.

It was the least-watched show of the year, but the first hour helped the show avoid falling completely off the table.

First Hour: 2.850 million viewers, the most since Labor Day
Second Hour: 2.381 million viewers, down about 300,000 viewers from last week
Third Hour: 2.203 million viewers, down about 430,000 viewers from last week
The third hour of Raw was likely one of the least-watched hours in the history of the show. It also continued the streak of Raw’s third hour declining from the second hour for the 28th consecutive week.
Some more details about RAW's historic low this week. All-time low for RAW in WWE history but not when including holidays.

Originally Posted by Observer
Daniel Bryan tweeted a video clip of the mockumentary he’s trying to get WWE to release chronicling his supposedly scheduled WrestleMania 32 match with a bear.
Link to the tweet:

John Cena appeared on Talking Smack after WWE SmackDown last night. During the segment, Cena spoke with Daniel Bryan and Renee Young, Dean Ambrose's real-life girlfriend, about Ambrose calling him a lazy part-timer last week.

Cena said that while there may be a little truth in Ambrose's comments, he's getting them twisted and his record speaks for itself when it comes to be being called "lazy." He said that when Ambrose talks about him riding on a private bus or a plane after the shows, he's correct. But what he doesn't know is that while Ambrose's day ends right now, he's going to work and he's flying to New York to promote Total Bellas this week while Ambrose gets to go home to recuperate.

Cena noted that Ambrose makes millions of dollars from WWE and he works hard for it, and he doesn't appreciate when people say that he's high and mighty because he hopes they aspire to do for the business what he is trying to do. He said that he didn't get a chance to be a part of the first SmackDown Live pay-per-view because he was in China helping global relations between WWE and the country so hopefully years from now Ambrose or other stars can be on a SmackDown Live pay-per-view or a WrestleMania in front of 100,000 people in Beijing or Shanghai. Cena said that he knows it won't happen to him, but he's happy to open that door and help to get that ball rolling.

Cena brought up Ambrose saying that he doesn't dress in the same locker room as the other wrestlers and admitted that he didn't, saying that you are the sum of the five people you spend your most time with and that "Dean Ambrose would slow me down." He said that while Ambrose may hang out with the Samoans or Jack Swagger, he can ask them who they go to for genuine advice in WWE when they really need help, and they will respond that "it's me."

Cena later once again said that he's getting ready to head to New York to promote Total Bellas, and it will be his pleasure because he wants for it to be a success because Nikki Bella works her butt off. "Like I said, you are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with and I surround myself with people that just go," Cena said. "The Vince McMahons of the world, people who are the first to show up and the last to leave. "No, I don't stand and dress where Dean Ambrose dresses, but this is where someone has twisted reality. Dean Ambrose said 'John Cena and Dean Ambrose don't like each other.' No. Dean Ambrose doesn't like John Cena. John Cena doesn't care about Dean Ambrose. And if Dean Ambrose wants me to care about him at No Mercy, he'll either need to step up or step aside."

Cena said that "Ambrose cashed in a suitcase to win the championship, won a match and then lost the title. He noted that when The Shield first debuted, Ambrose looked special. Cena said that right now there are two bonafide WWE superstars from the group: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, and that Ambrose is still trying to figure it out".
Link to the Talking Smack video:

Originally Posted by PWI
Billy Corgan appeared on SiriusXM's "Busted Open" radio show discussing TNA and where things stand for the company this afternoon leading into Sunday's Bound for Glory PPV.

Corgan said there were a lot of people "at the table right now" and said, "Whatever is going to happen this week or this weekend is going to change the director of the company forever...and this is not a wrestling angle."

When asked about the potential that Bound for Glory would not take place this Sunday, Corgan said he would be in Orlando "rain or shine" and said that the last three rounds of tapings, he has been the person who agreed to financially float those PPV/tapings so they could take place, noting they were deals where the "ink was drying" as TNA went to the ring. Corgan said that he's done everything in his power to make sure that Bound for Glory takes place from a personal and financial level - noting that he was using money from "his own pile" to attempt to purchase the "majority ownership" of TNA - and that he had put everything in place on his end. He said that at the end of the day, it's not up to him but he would personally be in Orlando "rain or shine."

Corgan said that the funding is part of the negotiations and the question is, what are the people funding the show getting for their money? Corgan said that where it gets complicated is that it's one thing to fund the company, but it's another to set the company up to be solvent and successful. Corgan said he didn't want to be having the same conversation with Busted Open in three months. Corgan said he has the funds to step forward, but if that means in two months, talents are in the same boat yet again, then what would be the point. Corgan said that all of talents he's spoken with are on board and hopeful he can "win" and steer the TNA ship going forward ...

Corgan also noted that he met with Pop TV President Bradley Schwartz last week in Los Angeles and Schwartz was very much on board with TNA and the "culture" Corgan wanted for the company.
Originally Posted by Observer
On October 29th in Baltimore, MD, Ring of Honor will tape television focusing solely on the Women of Honor.
Originally Posted by PWI
Seth Rollins wrote the following on Twitter:

Wrestling hurts, but that's part of the price paid to live in dreams. Crushed ribs or not, I'll be in LA for #Raw next week..ready to fight.
— Seth Rollins (@WWERollins) September 28, 2016
Originally Posted by PWI
For those who have asked, Noam Dar is scheduled to debut next month on Raw for the Cruiserweight division. Gran Metallik will be in regularly once he completes his Mexico commitments.
Wade Keller said today on the PWTorch Livecast with Jason Powell that Vince bans use of his name at WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies because he wants it to be about the wrestlers and not about people thanking him and stuff.
Would follow previous rumors and reports about Vince's views of the Hall and never wanting to be inducted (at least while alive).

According WNW, Roman Reigns got heat and schooled when he came back through the curtain this past Raw. He was told, as a face, to hit Rusev across his back, but decided to sit down before doing what he was told. Vince and Triple H both agreed that what Roman did was 'dumb'.

Some other sheet news includes:
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