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Originally Posted by DAMN iNATOR View Post
I'm not saying 100% it is, but I think it's probably going to turn out to be not just the S2 finale, but also the series finale, which would be fine by me. We'll hopefully get as many questions answered and loose ends and plot holes tied up and resolved as possible.

Not trying to be a dick, but it's called a collapse not an avalanche. Only clarifying, not a judgment on you or trolling/flaming/bullying you. Who do I look like, Juan?!

Anyway, yeah...I REALLY REALLY REALLY FUCKING LOATHE TTG right now for that BS...ripped my fucking heart to shreds, had to take a moment to pause and reflect on her and Clem's all-too-brief friendship. Shitty way to go.

Sorry about that mistake. I was just too hyper excited and worried about the finale.. Telltale's logic is just to make you have a mental breakdown. That's what they're good at. lol.
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