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Dirtsheets sponsored by the Demon of RAW, Finn Balor:

Originally Posted by Observer
The first episode of SmackDown in the post-draft era failed to reach the viewership heights of last week’s draft edition, but was still well ahead of what the taped show had been doing on Thursdays.

The launch of the Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan led new era of SmackDown was watched by 2.73 million people on Tuesday night. That is down from the 3.17 million that watched last week's draft, but ahead of the 2.06 million who watched the last taped edition of the show.
Even though it lost a chunk of viewers, still seen as a postivie considering its higher than what the usual Smackdown average was during the taped era on the USA Network. For some reference, Smackdown was averaging between 2.2 to 2.4 million since moving to the USA Network.

Originally Posted by PWI
The three main events for the 8/21 WWE Summerslam PPV at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY are:

*WWE World champion Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler.

*Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton.

*Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins to crown the first WWE Universal champion.

It would appear John Cena vs. AJ Styles in some form will take place as well.
Originally Posted by Observer
Also returning to the WWE on the Smackdown brand is former WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion Shelton Benjamin. Since his release in 2010, Benjamin has worked for ROH and New Japan along with various other promotions. No word on whether Shelton's momma has also been signed.

As mentioned yesterday, the Hype Bros tag team of Zach Ryder and Mojo Rawley are back together again, and in their first match back defeated the Vaudvillains. The match will air on Main Event.
Originally Posted by Observer
Ring of Honor announced a huge tag team title match for their August 19th Death Before Dishonor XIV pay-per-view with champions The Addiction defending against Hiroshi Tanahashi & Michael Elgin as well as the Los Ingobernables de Japon team of Tetsuya Naito & Evil in a triple threat tag match.
Originally Posted by Observer
Cody Rhodes teased that we may be seeing him in New Japan Pro Wrestling soon.
Link to the tease announcement:

Originally Posted by Observer
Ricochet will be making his return for EVOLVE on September 11th in Queens, NY.
While he can work for WWE's affiliated promotion and other indie promotions, he's still rumored to be locked to a Lucha Underground contract till at least 2018 in regards to promotions with national tv deals.

Originally Posted by PWI can confirm that Jinder Mahal, last seen as part of 3MB several years ago, has signed a deal to return and will be featured on the Raw brand. We broke on 7/17 in the Elite section that Mahal was expected to return. We can also confirm that the former (and possibly future) Curt Hawkins, Brian Myers, will be returning to the Smackdown brand shortly.

There have been a number of other former talents who have been talked about internally and/or contacted about returning, including Melina, MVP, Carlito and Tommy Dreamer, although whether they will be returning remains to be seen. Another name that has been brought up has been Stevie Richards, who recently finished a stint as a Guest Coach at the WWE Performance Center.
Originally Posted by PWI
In the new lawsuit, Jimmy Snuka is claiming that his current diminished mental state is due largely to his time in WWE. From what I understand, his mental state is the reason why he cannot be tried for his murder charge. If the lawsuit is unsuccessful, and common sense seems to dictate it will be, doesn't that contradict Snuka's whole dementia defense in his murder case? What are the potential ramifications of this?

None. His mental status was determined in a Pennsylvania court room and is not subject to the civil lawsuit. They are entirely separate things.
From PWI's weekly Q&A sessions on how Snuka getting involved in the concussion lawsuit could affect his own murder trial status.

Dorada was interviewed on CMLL’s Facebook, where WWE came up but not the contract. The Dorada/WWE situation came up on Super Libre, where they said Dorada had not signed but would be there are rumors he’d be back in WWE in August. Those aren’t really rumors, he’s going to be on the August 26th CWC taping (tournament match or not.) No one is allowed to publicly admit or acknowledge they’ve been signed by WWE until WWE announces it – that’s why the show I went to Saturday had wrestlers talking about it being their last match there but not mentioning WWE at all.
Would explain the contradictory reports going around regarding the CWC wrestlers signing deals or not.

Some other sheet news includes:
  • Recent rumor going around the net involves one of the Usos being in trouble with management after being caught sniffing Becky Lynch's hair during this week's RAW. Supposedly Lynch uses an orange scent for her hair which might explain why it happened.
  • During a recent interview with the Calgary Eyeopener, Lance Storm trashed everyone involved suing the WWE in the recent concussion lawsuit. He implied its the wrestlers fault they got hurt since wrestling is meant to be a performance art than a sport. However he did reveal he has been involved with CTE studies and already has his brain signed away for more research when he passes away.
  • In a "WWE Did You Know" type fact, today is Triple H's 47th birthday.
  • During a recent weekly Q&A session, PWI thinks everyone listed in the current concussion lawsuit against the WWE will end up getting blacklist by the company and possible future Hall of Fame considerations.
  • For those interested, the guy who Braun Strowman squashed during this week's RAW episode had an interview with website Today's Powerbomb on how its like to be a local jobber in the WWE.
  • Wrestling Observer debunking rumors that Triple H played a big role in the changes to RAW this week by saying Vince still has full control over the booking and direction for the brand.
  • Website Deadspin recently had an article debating on why the Stone Cold Stunner is the most important wrestling move ever in history.
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