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Dirtsheets sponsored by Becky's reaction to the sheets:

Originally Posted by WrestleInc
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Before going down with the shoulder injury, Finn Balor was scheduled to defend the WWE Universal Title against Kevin Owens at the September 25th RAW brand Clash of Champions pay-per-view from Indianapolis.

The Balor vs. Owens match would have ended in a way that set up Balor vs. Owens vs. Chris Jericho in a Triple Threat for the October 30th Hell In a Cell pay-per-view from Boston. As noted, Balor's original WWE SummerSlam opponent was Jericho.
Originally Posted by 411Mania
According to, WWE officials were not pleased with Charlotte following her match with Sasha Banks at Summerslam. Banks went into the match injured, and after the match officials yelled at Charlotte for being careless during the match.
Originally Posted by Observer
The story behind Lesnar vs. Orton was to create a scenario where nobody knew where reality ended, and preferably where people thought Lesnar was breaking the code or script.

Orton wasn’t told until he got to the arena, as he was planning for a usual main event. He was told when he got there that he was not going to have a normal match, and that the match wasn’t about going back-and-forth and keeping both men strong, but about making Lesnar stronger. The original idea was to be a total destruction for Lesnar, where Orton would be on the ground bleeding. It was supposed to look like Lesnar “went against the script” on him and hurt him. There would be confusion and the match would end, with Orton seemingly concussed and the referee stopping the match....

There will be people denying this most likely, because they have to, but Orton was told that Lesnar knew how to graze him with his elbow to open up a cut without hurting him and was told that was what would happen in the match. As it turned out, Lesnar elbowed the hell out of him, and threw some stiff punches, and Orton was bleeding like crazy from a cut that needed ten staples to close. Orton stayed down and was acting like he was knocked out, as he was supposed to. Medical personnel and the referee acted confused, because they were. I don’t know this as a fact, but I believe the referee knew going in that Lesnar was winning, but if he did, was given a different finish, because the fact Lesnar was going over was not kept secret...

One person noted that Orton was told to do it, but wasn’t expecting it to be the way it was. He wasn’t going to complain publicly about it but also was never going to do that kind of a favor again and wasn’t particularly thrilled
Originally Posted by Observer
Regarding Daniel Bryan wrestling, while I don’t know this factually, one would presume that because he’s General Manager and working regularly again, the time is ticking on his contract, which means that at some point he would be able to leave the company and work elsewhere. Whether it is healthy or prudent for him to return as a wrestler on a full-time or part-time basis is still a question that he has to come up with an answer for, as different doctors have given him different opinions. Whether he would want to give up the financial security (which seems to mean less to him than for most, as he’s seemingly happier being an artist on his own terms than being rich) of a guaranteed WWE deal is something else, although he could make huge money away from WWE. It wouldn’t surprise me if he could make more away from WWE as a wrestler than his downside in WWE without the money you make when you wrestle as the main event level, plus he’d make all his merch money outside as opposed to just a small percentage of it.
Probably depends if the WWE still sees his contract as another Rey Mysterio type where its frozen unless he hits very strict requirements. If that is the case, WWE could technically add as much time as they wanted till they no longer see a need for him or his potential drawing power for other companies is no longer seen as a threat.

Originally Posted by Observer listed Dwayne Johnson as the highest paid actor in the world, saying between his cut of Fast & Furious 7 and San Andreas, he earned $64.5 million between June 2015 and June 2016.
For some comparisons, Rock was around $3-$4 million higher than Jackie Chan who was #2 and almost $20 million more than the highest paid female actress.

Originally Posted by Observer
The WWE got a number of Twitter accounts suspended for posting SummerSlam gifs, including that of Senor Lariato, who would post highlights in gif form for wrestling all over the world. Lariato in particular was considered one of the key people in making New Japan Pro Wrestling popular to a number of American fans ...

In the new Observer, in the note on the taking down of gifs from SummerSlam by WWE, this is technically how it was explained to me. WWE hired a third party vendor, SMTS, to remove any streaming video from the show and SMTS was able to match any WWE copyrighted content that was on Twitter and the accounts were suspended.
Originally Posted by PWI
Vince McMahon turned 71 years old yesterday. In a "there's truth in humor" moment, he wrote the following on Twitter:

Thank you for all the well wishes on my 71st birthday. #LuckiestManInTheWorld #JustReachedPuberty
— Vince McMahon (@VinceMcMahon) August 25, 2016
Originally Posted by PWI
Brian Fritz did a piece for Sporting News talking with Bill Goldberg about the new WWE 2K17 game and a possible WWE return which he says is "not in my court".
Link to the interview:

Originally Posted by PWTorch
Northeast Wrestling is ending the summer in style with five shows this weekend.

Former WWE star Cody Rhodes is scheduled to wrestle on four of the shows, including a much-anticipated match against Kurt Angle on Saturday night, August 27 at “Wrestling Under the Stars.”

Also on the tour is recent WWE star Ryback (n/k/a as The Big Guy), plus Jushin Liger, the Hardys, Jerry Lawler, WWE Raw GM Mick Foley, Booker T, Mike Bennett, Velvet Sky, Mandy Leon, and more stars.
Initially signing with WWE after departing TNA and making the reverse jump:
"I didn't really know what to expect. Granted it was a time where you kind of had to test the waters and what was worse than that was the people that had made the jump never fared to well. It was a risky thing to do because I didn't know what to expect and the guys that had been there didn't fare well and that was not by any fault of their own it was just the way it worked out."

First impressions of WWE:

"They made a big deal about it when I first came in and now to know that it was all crap. I remember talking to Hunter and I talked to Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker and it seemed like my early days there, it felt like it was going to go somewhere."

The portrayal of Braden Walker by the company:

"When they debuted me, nobody knew who Braden Walker was and I think some people would know who I was or with a name change, I could deal with that. I knew that there was a good chance that they weren't going to use "Wildcat" but the way they presented me was like a bag of crap. There was nothing for the people to care. Some of these bad one liners they were giving me and vignettes were ridiculous, it was just a bad combination. It is hard to find the words. What I saw there, I wasn't impressed. It was a billion dollar company and they didn't know what the hell they were doing from one minute to the next."
Link to the interview:

Some other sheet news includes:
  1. According to a recent episode of the Observer Radio show, wrestlers do not get any royalties from their entrance songs bought on online stores and instead their cut goes to the writer of the song.
  2. Also according to the Observer, WWE recently dropped plans on making Becky the top Women's star on Smackdown in favor of Nikki Bella. Also revealed Nikki is following Cena's route of becoming a part timer in regards to working a lot less house shows from now on.
  3. EVOLVE announced they have recently hired Joey Styles to a deal.
  4. For those interested, WWE has started to sell the American Alphas "Ready, Willing, Gable" hand towels for $5 each.
  5. Gaming website Giantbomb recently had interviews with several wrestlers from Summerslam weekend:
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