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Notes from the live twitter chat with director matsumoto

Notes from the stream:

(I was writing this as it was going on so please take it with a grain of salt. Maybe not be 100% accurate or exactly what they said)

- Patch tomorrow
- They're talking about redoing the UI since they rushed it with their small team to get it ready in time.
- Resolution options are coming soon.
- They really have no budget and a tiny team. Like one thing they're frustrated with is slow loading on wrestling select screen. That's due to it reading all the data and constructing the wrestler right there.
- 10 people on the team. Everybody's focused on bug fixes at the moment.

To the list:
- Adding ladders and tables. Free standing table = incredibly difficult to do. Move animation much more likely. Ladders not actually addressed by director or Kyle.
- More post match options. Super interesting but they want to do a mode that takes better use of that stage direction. That's what they're looking into.
- Asymmetrical edits. Director wants to do it but the character doesn't have a left or right side so it'd be extremely difficult to implement. No due to the budget. Not a top priority unless they sell a million copies overnight. lol
- Stance on mods. They haven't thought about it. But if you want to get under the hood, go for it. They can't be hands on at the moment with modders.
- Skirts as attire Very difficult to do. 2D doesn't work. Polygons are possible but it still doesn't look right. But people really want it so they're still trying.
- Glasses They're working on it.
- More fantasy parts like anime heads Very possible.
- Joshi They want to add more female parts and female stances. Long hair, past shoulders, has the same issue as skirts. You'd need two parts and they don't connect well.
- More Parts Filters It's coming.
- More selling on moves They like the idea of people selling moves more and the director is thinking how to implement it.
- Story Mode Director talked forever. Story mode is a biggest request. Two ways they can proceed. One would be a straight scenario mode but, if they go that route, they could only use the default fake wrestlers. The second way to be to give you a toolbox to make your own story mode. If they go the second way, it'd be much further down the line. If they go the first route, Sudo51 could come back to write a new scenario but again that'd be way down the road.
- GM/Promoter Mode They are adding a promotion mode. Inspired by the GBA version. That would be the base. They want to build off that. They haven't actually started work on it yet so it's coming to be much further down the line.
- Custom MP3s Both entrances and in game. Early/Mid August. They can maybe add custom mp3 support in menus down the line.
- Working with real life promotions No unless promotions come to them.
- The problem with weak submissions ending a match They don't want to mess with the core gameplay of Fire Pro. So set your CPU logic to not use weak submissions, that way a match won't end on them.
- Entrance gown and belts Gowns, tricky like skirts and long hair. They could create an asset to drape them only when entering. In match, not really possible. Entrance belts. Wearing the belts or draped over the shoulder, very difficult. They could let you carry it in your hand or use it as a weapon in match.
- Pre-match attacks Very difficult. They're thinking about it but it probably isn't happening.
- Merchandise They licensed it out to a different company/store. So they're working with that company on possibly offering international shipping but no promises.
- Gradients If they wanted to create that in World, they'd have to make it it's own part. It'd be more difficult than making Story Mode or GM Mode so it's not happening. Sorry.
- Transparency on layers Much more possible. They'll look into it.

Without director:
- Kickstarter and Patreon Doesn't work. Kickstarter is more trouble than it's worth. Same with Patreon.
- Paid DLC Possible if they sell enough base copies of the game.
- Mac/Linux port No. Japanese developers aren't use to working with them. They're just focused on PC.
- New moves It's really hard to track new move requests since they're sprinkled everywhere. Thread at FPWArena is the best since they have youtube links and a master list. That way Kyle can just show Director what they want.
- CPU Logic New players don't really get it. Great guides on the internet on how to use it. Adding anything is a massive amount of work. Kyle's pressing him for new entries but...
- Heads Kyle would like it where you select a head and than select a color instead of having 4 separate heads listed but...
- Kyle and requests He's working on other projects so it's difficult to keep up on all the requests.
- Tweaks are easier for him to pitch than new modes.
- Default wrestlers Developers just came up with them. They asked Kyle to check the names to see if they were appropriate but he left them as is since they were so Fire Pro. lol
- Roadmap The developers have a basic idea on what they plan to do. He will see what he can find out. Once he has a better idea on what direction they're moving, he'll share it with us.
- Early Access length It depends. This is the soft launch to get it ready for PS4 launch. PC gaming is not big in Japan. They want to move onto the console release. So it will be a reasonable timeline.
- Classic Fire Pro things like the Critical logo and sounds He's pushing for it. Write in the forums and say you want it too.
Biggest take away from that is custom entrance music coming next month, and a gm mode definitely in the works. One based on final fire pro, instead of the shitty fpr version.

Biggest downer is that asymetrical designs and gradients aren't happening.
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