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Yeah I almost bawled my eyes out of WHICH FUCKING TABLE TO SIT DOWN!!!

Here's my other choices:


  1. Sat with Kenny.. Most tempting offer. Luke had a sad face when I did it. Sorry, age before beauty.
  2. Lied to Walter about Matthew's death.
  3. I'M NOT AN ASSHOLE comment to Matthew the bridge dude. lol.
  4. Tried locking the door when Carver was going in anyway.
  5. Put the tree star as Christmas decoration and Sarah felt disappointed.
  6. Told Carlos about distracting her and Sarah goes, "I THOUGHT WE'RE FRIENDS!" Sorry, Sarah. lol.
  7. Treated the preggie Rebecca with no bitch attitude in this episode.. She took my advice I guess. lol.
  8. Decided to go with Kenny and his sniper gun but still Carver kills Walter. Thank god, he didn't shoot Carlos too or chop his head off. Whew.
  9. Despite saving Pete, he ended up the same fate as Lee. He even talked like him minus the handcuffs in his last moments to take care of Nick.
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