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Version 0.9009 was published today.
Please refer to the patch notes below.
We have been watching the forums and are working to address the issues reported.
We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to make improvements through Early Access.

Please post patch-related comments to
this thread so that we may better track your feedback.

Fixed bug where Ring/Venue/Referee settings would not save.
Wrestler Select menu: Now displays number to signify number of variant costumes.
Wrestler Select menu: Added wrestler auto-sort option. [Xbox: X button / PS4: Square button]
*Pressing the button cycles through sort options: Default > Ascending >Descending
Added page jump function for menus with many options. [Xbox: RB / PS4: R1 / Keyboard: E]
Tournament/League Wrestler Select menu: Added description of controls.
Tournament/League Wrestler Select menu: Made it easier to see what item is currently selected.
Tournament/League Wrestler Select menu: When using Random Select, currently selected wrestlers will no longer be replaced.
Cursor now ignores mouse placement when mouse is inactive.
Can now right click to exit text entry windows.

Overwrite wrestler prompt: Fixed bug that would display wrestler.
Edit CPU Logic menu: Can now quit editing logic percentages even when the total percentage doesn’t equal 100%.
Transfer Wrestler menu: Can now select/batch transfer multiple wrestlers in an organization or stable.
Belt Edit menu: When using a mouse/keyboard, fixed bug where changes would not be applied if you saved before pressing [Confirm].
Belt Edit/Ring Edit menu: Added confirmation prompt when exiting menu.
Belt Edit/Ring Edit menu: Added color wheel tool for selecting colors.
Wrestler Appearance menu
[Mouse/Keyboard Controls]
Can now right click to delete a layer.
Copy/Paste remapped from Backspace to F1.
Can now copy/paste colors with Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V.
Can now delete layers with Delete key.
Fixed bug where cursor would disappear if you double clicked the Part Preview button.
Parts Preview now properly rotates when you click the arrow buttons.
If you click outside the color wheel, the color wheel menu will close.
If you click outside the Part Select or Filter window with a part selected, the Part Select window will close.
[General Controls]
Can now close copy/paste menu. [Xbox: Y button / PS4: Triangle button / Keyboard: F1, right click]

Fixed bug where SWA Rules matches would use Over the Top Rope rules.
Fixed bug where default wrestlers would display instead of your edit wrestler if the cache was activated.

In a CPU vs CPU match, adjusted time after match ends before results screen.
CPU wrestlers now perform a taunt after winning a match.
*This taunt will be the move set to [Performance 4].
Referee now stops counting a ring out sooner.
Exploit fixed that allowed a wrestler to connect with too many post moves before opponent recovered.
Fixed bug where CPU Level wasn’t properly taken into consideration when reversing moves in a CPU vs CPU match.
*Wrestler taking the move was at a disadvantage.
Fixed bug where wrestler would slump against post in deathmatches with fluorescent tubes/barbed wire boards against post.

Adjusted look of ring colors.
Added the following venues:
SCS Stadium
Arena de Universo
Spike Dome

Added the following moves:
Running [European Uppercut Attack]
Counter [High Angle Drop Kick]
Front Grapple (BIG) [Phoenixplex Hold]
Adjusted: Standing [High Angle Drop Kick]
Adjusted: Opponent Down - Face Down, Near Head [Omoplata Crossface]
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