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Bates makes Chelsea tap-up claim

Bates says former club Chelsea should be punished

Leeds owner Ken Bates has reported his former club Chelsea to the Football Association, Premier League and Fifa over three alleged illegal approaches.
Bates claims Chelsea signed youngsters Michael Woods and Tom Taiwo after making illegal approaches - and failed in their attempt to sign Danny Rose.
"There is a dispute about, in our opinion, the blatant breach of the Football League rules," said Bates.
Chelsea have yet to make an official comment in response to the allegations.

News Conference: Leeds United owner Ken Bates
Bates added: "We want to be compensated for the work we put in with these players and the loss of opportunity."
The Football Association said it had not yet received an official complaint from Leeds.
But a spokesman confirmed: "If this was received, we would give it due consideration."
Should Chelsea be found guilty of any wrongdoing, Bates is clear on how he wants the authorities to react.
Financial punishments will make no difference to Chelsea at all

Ken Bates

He said: "Because of the financial strength of Chelsea's owner Roman Abramovich, financial punishments will make no difference to the club at all.
"We feel deduction of points, banning of registration of new players and suspension from European competition would be more appropriate.
"There are rules and if you refuse, consistently, to play by the rules, why should you be allowed to play in those competitions?"
Bates also made reference to how Chelsea, their manager Jose Mourinho and Arsenal's Ashley Cole were given record fines after being found guilty in the Premier League's tapping-up probe last year.
Chelsea were fined 300,000 and given a suspended three-point deduction.
Cole was handed a 100,000 fine, while Blues manager Jose Mourinho will have to pay 200,000.
All three were said to have breached league rules by secretly meeting, without Cole's club knowing, at a London restaurant on 27 January.
It led to bad relations between Arsenal and Chelsea, but the London clubs have recently opened talks over a legitimate deal for Cole.


As much as I'd love Chelsea to have points docked, there is no way they'll do it for a few youngsters. Bates just seems to want to get one over on Chelsea. Although if Leeds get a chunk of money out of it I won't complain.
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