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Dirtsheets sponsored by Rusev's newest book "The Art of taking a Spear":

Originally Posted by Observer
SmackDown viewership on Tuesday night was down 8% from last week against strong competition from NBC's coverage of the Olympics. The drop wasn't as severe as it was for Monday Night Raw the previous night, despite 33 million people tuning in to coverage of the games.

SmackDown did 2,455,000 viewers for the two hour broadcast on USA Network. That's down from the 2,681,000 the previous week.
Originally Posted by Observer
TNA is teasing that they will unveil a major addition to their roster tomorrow, and all signs point to it being the former Damien Sandow.

A video that TNA debuted exclusively on advertises tomorrow’s episode of Impact and concludes with Sandow’s WWE theme. The article accompanying the video claims that the company has signed one of wrestling’s biggest free agents.

Both Sandow (real name Aaron Haddad) and TNA's official Twitter accounts tweeted links to the article.

Spoiler tags used since it relates to a surprise for tomorrow's TNA Impact show.

Originally Posted by PWI
CMLL in Mexico announced today that they have entered into an official working relationship with Ring of Honor. The promotion already worked with New Japan, as does ROH. Matt Taven was announced as heading to CMLL in the future.
Originally Posted by Observer
At today’s WWE live event in Auckland, NZ it was announced that NXT will soon hold shows in New Zealand and Australia with dates to be announced.
In case you have missed it or if you don't have the time to sit through the whole podcast, there you go:
  • He eats at the restaurant Chipotle a lot, he might go there up to 5 times a week. Braun said he would get fat if he eats garbage, he loads up on protein bars. He eats about 5000-7000 calories a day.
  • Mark Henry helped Braun get into WWE. He signed with them in May, 2013. He went into company very confident, because he felt like he had a lot to offer. He does have an amateur wrestling background from High School. After the first week of practice he was terrible sore, he said he felt like a 90 year old man
  • Coming out on stage is a special feeling for him and he was happy that he got to wear a mask in the beginning, because he was marking out like 6 years old kid. He was so nervous when he first debuted and feels like he still has a lot to learn. Braun thinks he's been lucky to work with Kane and Big Show on live events.
  • Him and Bray had a special connection ever since they met. Bray wanted Braun to be a part of the family long before he was put into the family. He feels like he couldn't have been in a better spot - it helped him a lot to have the opportunity to hone his craft while hiding some of his weaknesses. He looks as Bray as a big inspiration, they did everything together.
  • He likes to watch Bruiser Brody's matches as references. He prefers being a heel because it allows him to be someone's he's not - he looks at it as more of a challenge.
  • Braun feels like this is what he was born to do and he can't picture himself doing anything else now. He doesn't want to be a big lumbering giant and he wants to eventually be a heavyweight champion. He doesn't feel ready for that right now though.
Highlights from a recent Steve Austin podcast show with Braun Strowman as his guest courtsey of r/SquaredCircle. More highlights:

Originally Posted by PWI
The WWE Universal Title won't be the only new championship coming to the RAW brand over the next few months as a new WWE Cruiserweight Title has also been confirmed. No word yet on when the title will debut but PWInsider reports that it has been commissioned and confirmed by multiple sources. As we've noted, the cruiserweight division will be exclusive to the red brand. This has not been confirmed but it's possible we will see the new Cruiserweight Title debut at the live finale of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic on September 14th from Full Sail University.
Dave Meltzer noted on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that McGregor’s comments were not a work, and were not part of some elaborate story line being setup by WWE and UFC. Meltzer added people in WWE were told not to respond to McGregor’s remarks, and those superstars who did, including Sasha Banks, Roman Reigns, Ric Flair, Sheamus and more, did so on their own accord.

Meltzer noted “there is no angle for sure” right now, but said that of course could change in the future. Meltzer also alluded to McGregor’s rant possibly screwing up “a big business deal” between UFC and WWE, and that “the deal” is falling apart. Meltzer did not add any further details on what the potential deal between the two companies might include.
Some updates to the backlash regarding McGregor's wrestling rant and debunking rumors of the whole thing being a gag by everyone involved.

Some other sheet news includes:
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