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90s wrestling idea.

So, I was reading the Brian Pillman bio book. I always thought that, if he could somehow get his ankle better and prove doctors wrong, Pillman would've dominated the Attitude era in the WWF right alongside Austin, trading the strap back and forth before eventually reuniting. Only this time around, they would not be the "Hollywood Blondes". It'd be The Hellraisers or something. Part of the book mentions that him, Austin and Raven were traveling buddies in WCW. Back then, it was Stunning Steve, Flyin Brian and Scotty Flamingo. All reinvented themselves as Stone Cold, Loose Cannon, and Raven, more anti-authoritarian more main event gimmicks.

Brian, prior to leaving WCW, had been talked to about an angle where he and Benoit split from the Horsemen to feud with Flair and company, and Benoit led "Generation X Horsemen" or "Apocalypse" (names that had been considered). I was thinking, similar to how the "cliq" (DX/NWO) was a stable based around real friends, I could see a stable of Raven, Austin and Pillman (Children of the Apocalypse) having been an entertaining faction. They have a lot in common, but their differences would have made a cool contrast (the silent brooding but violent genius, the untameable hothead, and the unrepentent troll and laughing psychopath). Maybe Pillman and Austin could be branded the "Hounds of Hell".

Anyway, two questions.....

Anyone else like this idea?

(Maybe because I've still got the 4 Horsemen on my mind), who would be a good 4th and final male member of said group and one woman?
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