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BCWWF is good (20,000+)BCWWF is good (20,000+)BCWWF is good (20,000+)BCWWF is good (20,000+)BCWWF is good (20,000+)BCWWF is good (20,000+)BCWWF is good (20,000+)BCWWF is good (20,000+)
No I'm not saying that exactly. What I said might have come off as "Chelsea is the best team, front to back, hands down," but that isn't what I meant. What I was trying to say was more on the lines of Chelsea needs to stop buying all of these high priced players. Buying the players worked for getting them to the league championship, but this ongoing cycle of new star players isn't the best way to win the big stuff. I would be surprised if Chelsea doesn't win the Premiership again, just because no other team can match their depth, but continuing to make these big moves is just going to hurt chemistry going into the Champions League, where other teams have star studded teams that have played together longer. BAH.
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