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Originally Posted by drave View Post
Still think this one is no one's business - on either side.

No. That review was more than likely a bait article. It was less than three whole paragraphs and it reads like a caricature of what they know we hate about game today's game reviews. I'm referring to how reviews were written in the last console generation. I've had issues with that years before GamerGate.

If so, they talk about both subjects - graphics, new gameplay featuers, as well as the over-sexualization of the main character. Oddly enough, a pretty decent chunk of the game is it's art direction, which has to do with her clothes coming off as you chain higher combos. As as integral part of the game mechanics, albeit visually, it can still be offensive to some people and they can have their opinion. In addition, you do not know that it did not help a potential buyer, unless you believe everyone is as in-depth a gamer as you say.
I would assume the kind of person, not even a hardcore gamer just a casual type, could look at Bayo's marketing and kinda know what they're in for. So while most people may be as in-dept as me and others, they don't need to. Hell, the Bayo2 review you linked - that writer doesn't need to be a versed in action games as I am either. He didn't need to be the kind of guy who Platinum rated all of Bayo1's challenged, or climbed 30 levels in DMC4's Bloody Palace; but there are degrees.

A lot of today's game reviews are shallow and at times totally paid parts of the marketing. It's easy to spot. Does a guy reviewing a fighting game need to know why meter management is important in BlazBlue? No. Hell, I actually like when they reveal they don't know about that deep stuff, but what is the value of a review written from the other end of the spectrum? People who seem to not know the point of the game? What good is that to a potential buyer?

If I started writing car reviews, with my extremely casual knowledge of cars, and said something like, "The new Camaro may excite fans of a certain yellow autobot, but unless it wants to further push women away from the sacred car enthusiast circle - it should really consider women's body proportions in more ways than simple seat adjustment."

Now I certainly have a right to say that, but what do you think will be the common reaction? Here's this guy who doesn't seem to know duck about cars, critiquing cars, and applying politics where nobody saw it before. I mean, this could help potential buyers. Perhaps some women would like to read that message, but I'm guessing other women who knows their cars would still find me ridiculous.

Let's make it interesting; I decide to Tweet to detractors of my marvelous Camaro that their beef with my piece is just them defending their boys club and rejecting female interests. I then make a follow-up piece that challenges Chevy to make a statement this the matter of female accommodation. I ignore female car enthusiast telling me I'm using shame tactics, and make implications that the male critics are just dismissive of women's issues. Remember; I'm a guy who still knows shit about cars next to an enthusiast.

My problem is not that people have opinions. It never was. But I'm learning throughout this debacle that people think opinion are all weighted the same by virtue of being opinions. And that's not how it works. Me saying my review could help potential buyers falls flat when much better reviews from more versed people would do a better job helping the same consumers.

The problem lies that as the GG movement grew, the trolling was way out in front and now any and any associations are tied to the movement. Just as any "hot button" multimedia topic, it will die down given time. It is before that time (such as now) that GG, as a unified movement, to reinvent themselves and their image.
Curious; how would we go about that? Because we'd still hold journalists accountable and contact companies when needed. Changing the name would not put trolls at bay, they'd just act out under this new GG 2.0. And if anything, rebranding the movement would also validate that most of the harassment has been on our side. Like the republican ad that needed to say they're people too. We don't need to rebrand ourselves as people against harassment because we are right now people against harassment. No matter what we call ourselves trolls will take advantage.
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