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So I made it to Sen's Fortress and fine, whatever I'm doing a decent job. There are times where I think it's glitched occasionally because sometimes enemies don't spawn and sometimes the boulder is rolling a different way than before but whatever, I'm doing a pretty good job making my way up there. The mimic killed me which made me lose souls and then I died again before I could recover. When I went to kill the mimic, the item it dropped fell down the elevator in that room. It looked as if there was a bottom to it, so I went after. There isn't. I died. I think the item was a Lightning Spear. Sounds useful. I will never know. Died again trying to make my way back and salvage souls because my controller is messed up.

Ok so eventually, I fall to the bottom on that first bridge and notice those 2 prowling demons and all the goodies behind one of them. Somehow I manage to put on the Rusted Ring and I book it the items, grab the items, and kill that one. That was pretty awesome. I walk back out to challenge the other one and those 3 serpents lighting me and kill me. Great. I tried to recover my souls but I didn't survive the fall. Great. Eventually, I manage to make my way down there and kill the other demon.

So I walk around a bit more and notice there are two more in the other room. They're directly underneath Big Hat Logan. Should be a piece of cake. But one of them takes me out.

This was days ago. I think Wednesday night. It's now Saturday morning. Anytime I spent between then and now playing this game was focusing on killing those other two prowling demons. I tried everything I could think of but I never even got the first one down to half strength and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. And if you walk too far to the right, you trigger the 2nd one and now it's 2 on 1 and there's no way I'm winning that. By the way, each time I go down there I have to somehow take out those 3 serpents. I'm sometimes able to plunge one and push one off but most of the time they hurt me pretty bad.

I spent way too long trying everything I could think of to take out those demons but this morning I said fuck it, just keep going. I make my way up there and got about 15000 souls. I need 18000 to level up. I'm using my shitty controller because I don't know why. I'm an idiot. I fall off a ledge and die. I go back to retrieve them and I dunno what happened, but I died. Lost more souls. And I dunno how, but I get it up to about 16000 and I say to myself "just use a homeward bone, go back, and level up". As finish that thought, I fall off and die. I go back to retrieve it and it's on that (I think) last pathway with the slightly different timed hooks. I run and it looks like the last one is about to get me so I roll to make and I roll past my souls, off the ledge, and I die.

I have lost so many motherfucking souls/wasted SO MUCH FUCKING TIME in Sen's Fortress.

WHATEVER THOUGH. A couple hours ago I'm like "Whatever. Just go up to the roof. Fuck those demons. Fuck trying to level up. Just see what's out there."

And I make it to the roof. I take out that black knight. I take out that guy and his rapier. I'm doing fine. Got about 17000 souls or so.

You know that bonfire up there? The one where you have to drop down. There was a helpful tip that said "try jumping" right on the ledge. It was rated a 3. No reason not to believe it. AS I WAS MOVING THE RIGHT STICK TO PROPERLY SEE WHERE I WAS GOING TO LAND, a big burst of fire engulfs me. I guess that guy is throwing fire or something, I don't even know at the time, alls I knows is I'm on fire so I should jump. I did not have time to see where I was landing and I decide to jump. I jumped so far past that bonfire you can't even imagine. Like I'm an Olympic long jumper and the bonfire is the line where you have to jump and I set a new world record.

Went back to recover my souls and one of the hooks got me because my controller was being stupid.

Decided to say "fuck this game sometimes" and take a break.

And then...
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