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Ultra Mantis got the bus to Rep Town and repped it up real bad at the rep shop (100,000+)Ultra Mantis got the bus to Rep Town and repped it up real bad at the rep shop (100,000+)Ultra Mantis got the bus to Rep Town and repped it up real bad at the rep shop (100,000+)Ultra Mantis got the bus to Rep Town and repped it up real bad at the rep shop (100,000+)Ultra Mantis got the bus to Rep Town and repped it up real bad at the rep shop (100,000+)Ultra Mantis got the bus to Rep Town and repped it up real bad at the rep shop (100,000+)Ultra Mantis got the bus to Rep Town and repped it up real bad at the rep shop (100,000+)Ultra Mantis got the bus to Rep Town and repped it up real bad at the rep shop (100,000+)Ultra Mantis got the bus to Rep Town and repped it up real bad at the rep shop (100,000+)Ultra Mantis got the bus to Rep Town and repped it up real bad at the rep shop (100,000+)Ultra Mantis got the bus to Rep Town and repped it up real bad at the rep shop (100,000+)Ultra Mantis got the bus to Rep Town and repped it up real bad at the rep shop (100,000+)
Lightbulb TPWW Survivor JAPAN - More Spin Off Than Ricochet vs Ospreay


Since TPWW Survivor XXIX is apparently going to loop eternally until the end of time, I'm launching a spin off, and this time we're heading to Japan! The Japanese variant has a couple of differences. Most important you get two guys (one from list 1, one from list B), and due to schedules it's a six week clock. I realise only a small number of people here watch NJPW or play Survivor, the crossover is probably miniscule, but that just more chance to win. You like winning right!?

If you don't know what's going on here just pick some random names, whatever looks the most American, easiest to pronounce, etc.

  • Everybody selects TWO wrestlers from the NJPW roster, no duplicates allowed. You can select ONE wrestler from the “Core Roster” (who are more likely to appear frequently) and ONE wrestler from the “Regular Roster” (who could also show up frequently, or not at all; are young lions or old dads). If the contest hasn't yet started, you can change your selection once by making a new post saying you're changing your selection (don't just edit your original post).
  • Your wrestler is eliminated if he or she submits or is pinned during a match at a televised (aka it's on New Japan World) NJPW event. Disqualifications, count outs, or being eliminated from a battle royale does not cause elimination. In multi-man matches (tag, triple threat, etc.), only the person who is pinned or submits is out. ROH does not count and ROH “exclusive” wrestlers (ie. Not NJPW regulars) are probably bad picks. ROH / CMLL crossover events DO count.
  • In the event of a match finishing via KNOCKOUT, the Small Council of Elders have met and come to the majority decision that a KNOCKOUT will count as an ELIMINATION. This will effectively be a slight nerf to the character Hiroshi Tanahashi.
  • In a slight change to WWE flavour Survivor, your wrestler will also be eliminated if he or she goes SIX weeks without having a televised match in a NJPW ring for any reason whatsoever (injury, Bone Soldier'd, etc.). There is a constant countdown going on from your wrestler's last match, so even if bad luck happens - you can still potentially win as long as everyone else loses in that span. In the event of two or more competitors being eliminated on the same day due to this rule and that impacting on podium positions (rank 1-3), the wrestler positions will be determined by time of last performance (meaning main eventing is more valuable than opening). In addition, the six week ruling will occur at the end of a show if one is running concurrent to the cut off date, meaning anyone who loses on the show will place lower than whoever gets six week'd. If you suffer a ban for the length of the game you will be disqualified.
  • If you win you get your choice of either first picks next season or double picks for the next season. If you take the option of double picks, you must wait until at least five other people have selected in order to prevent you from becoming The Skippord. If you are inactive upon winning to the creation of the next season, you will not get first pick and instead get double picks. In accordance with previous versions of this rule, new seasons will only be created after a minimum wait period of two days.
  • A wrestler must be an active participant in a match for it to reset the six-week timer. Lumberjacks, special referees, managers, "enforcers," guest commentators, etc. do NOT count... but there will be less of this shit here anyway.

Sign-ups are allowed until the start of the the 6th March 2018 edition of NJPW Anniversary Show at the start of show, in the beginning of this night / morning, right then, on Tuesday, March 6, on this day, eliminations will be eliminated, starting on this show, on the New Japan World, in the genesis of Yoshi Tatsu.

Winning wrestlers must sit out 3 seasons before returning. However, as this is the debut season, IWGP Champion "The Rainmaker" Kazuchika Okada will be ineligible for selection due to his massive advantage of never losing. In the event of a second season, Little Kazu will become eligible.

I will be participating in the game, but in the interest of fairness, I won't make my pick until at least ten pairs of wrestlers have been chosen. In the somewhat likely event that ten pairs of wrestlers are not chosen I will make my picks on 5th March. If less than five pairs have been chosen I will immediately declare myself the winner.

Fuck Michael Elgin.

NJPW Anniversary Show Card:

Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask IV, KUSHIDA, Ryusuke Taguchi & Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. Yuji Nagata, Toa Henare, Tomoyuki Oka, Shota Umino & Tetsuhiro Yagi
Katsuya Kitamura vs. Manabu Nakanishi
Juice Robinson & David Finlay vs. CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano)
Roppongi 3K (SHO & YOH) (c) vs. Suzukigun (El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Hiromu Takahashi & BUSHI)
Tetsuya Naito vs. Taichi
Minoru Suzuki (c) vs. Togi Makabe
Kazuchika Okada vs. Will Ospreay


Willing Paticipants

32. Will Ospreay - James Steele - Pinned by Okada 6/3 Anniversary Show
31. Tomohiro Ishii - mike adamle - Pinned by "FUCK" Michael Elgin 9/3 New Japan Cup
30. TAKA Michinoku - Helmsphere - Submitted to SANADA 10/3 New Japan Cup
29. Yoshinobu Kanemaru - Lock Jaw - Pinned by Toru Yano 11/3 New Japan Cup
28. Tetsuya Naito - DaveWadding - Submitted to Zack Sabre Jr 11/3 New Japan Cup
27. Takashi Iizuka - Arrogance - Submitted to Little Kazu Okada 14/3 New Japan Cup
26. Kota Ibushi - mike adamle [16th!] - Submitted to Zack Sabre Jr 15/3 New Japan Cup
25. Juice Robinson - STD - Pinned by Hiroshi Tanahashi 16/3 New Japan Cup
24. SANADA - Simple Fan - Submitted to Zack Sabre Jr 18/3 New Japan Cup
23. Hirooki Goto - Brother Vito - Pinned by Juice Robinson 21/3 New Japan Cup
22. Hiroshi Tanahashi - James Steele [15th!] - Submitted to Zack Sabre Jr 21/3 New Japan Cup
21. Hangman Page - Droford - Pinned by Jay White 25/3 Strong Style Evolved
20. Matt Jackson - STD [14th!] - Pinned by Kenny Omega 25/3 Strong Style Evolved
19. EVIL - Droford [13th!] - Pinned by Archer 1/4 Sakura Genesis
18. Marty Scurll - Moose Knuckle - Pinned by Will Ospreay 1/4 Sakura Genesis
17. Zack Sabre Jr - Smelly Meatball - Pinned by Okada 1/4 Sakura Genesis
16. Hiromu Takahashi - Ultra Mantis - Pinned by El Desperado 14/4 Road to Wrestling Dontaku
15. Chris Jericho - Sixx - 6 week'd 17/4
=. Katsuya Kitamura - DaveWadding [12th!] - 6 week'd 17/4
=. Tomoaki Honma - Arrogance [11th!] - 6 week'd 17/4
=. Satoshi Kojima - Gertner - 6 week'd 17/4
11. David Finlay - Helmsphere [10th!] - Pinned by Jay White 24/4 Road to Wrestling Dontaku
10. Minoru Suzuki - Lock Jaw [9th!] - Pinned by Tetsuya Naito 29/4 Wrestling Hi No Kuni
9. KUSHIDA - Moose Knuckle [8th!] - Pinned by Kazuchika Okada 3/5 Wrestling Dontaku
8. Jay White - Sixx [7th!] - 5 week'd 8/6
7. Kenny Omega - Smelly Meatball [6th!] - 5 week'd 8/6
6. Cody (Rhodes) - Ultra Mantis [5th!] - 5 week'd 8/6
5. Bad Luck Fale - Gertner [4th!] - 5 week'd 8/6
4. Nick Jackson - RP - 5 week'd 8/6
3. Tama Tonga - RP [3th!] - 5 week'd 8/6
WINNER! Hiroyoshi Tenzan - Simple Fan [2th!] - Last wrestled 19/6 Kizuna Road
WINNER! Yuji Nagata - Brother Vito [1th!] - Last wrestled 19/6 Kizuna Road




Manabu Nakanishi - Last wrestled 19/6 Kizuna Road


31. Shota Umino - Submitted to KUSHIDA 6/3 Anniversary Show
30. Toa Henare - Pinned by Hirooki Goto 6/3 Anniversary Show
29. Sho - pinned by El Desperado 6/3 Anniversary Show
28. Yoshi-Hashi - pinned by SANADA 6/3 Anniversary Show
27. Taichi - pinned by Naito 6/3 Anniversary Show
26. Togi Makabe - pinned by Minoru Suzuki 6/3 Anniversary Show
25. Tanga Loa - pinned by Davey Boy Smith Jr 9/3 New Japan Cup
24. Bushi - submitted to Zack Sabre Jr 9/3 New Japan Cup
23. Chase Owens - submitted to Okada 9/3 New Japan Cup
22. Yujiro Takahashi - pinned by Juice Robinson 9/3 New Japan Cup
21. Ren Narita - Submitted to El Desperado 10/3 New Japan Cup
20. Tomoyuki Oka - Pinned by Toru Yano 10/3 New Japan Cup
19. Lance Archer - Pinned by Bad Luck Fale 10/3 New Japan Cup
18. Ryusuke Taguchi - Pinned by Taichi 11/3 New Japan Cup
17. Chuck Taylor - Pinned by SANADA 12/3 New Japan Cup
16. Tetsuhiro Yagi - Submitted to El Desperado 14/3 New Japan Cup
15. Michael Elgin - Pinned by Juice Robinson 14/3 New Japan Cup
14. Toru Yano - Pinned by SANADA 15/3 New Japan Cup
13. Gedo - Pinned by Minoru Suzuki 16/3 New Japan Cup
12. El Desperado - Pinned by Naito 18/3 New Japan Cup
11. Jushin Thunder Liger - Pinned by Will Ospreay 25/3 Strong Style Evolved
10. Tiger Mask - Pinned by Toru Yano 30/3 Road to Sakura Genesis
9. HIKULEO - 6 week'd 17/4
=. Jado - 6 week'd 17/4
=. Beretta - 6 week'd 17/4
=. Rey Mysterio - 6 week'd 17/4
=. Teruaki Kanemitsu - 6 week'd 17/4
4. Rocky Romero - Pinned by David Finlay 29/4 Wrestling Hi No Kuni
3. PowerBoy Smith Jr. - Pinned by EVIIIIL, throwing coffee in an old man's face is EVIL, everything is EVIIIIIIIIL, PowerBoy Dickhead 29/4 Wrestling Hi No Kuni
2. Yoh - Pinned by Tiger Mask 20/5 BOSJ



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