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OH u Like IT
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Facing Nolan-sports doc

Great documentary. I really didn't know much about him before he made it to the Astros and then Rangers. Very well done.
The footage alone is worth the watch. I forgot how great his curve ball was. And it doesn't sugarcoat his career. It mentions the "good" records...strikeouts, no-hitters, etc. But it also mentions most hit batters, most grand slams against...etc.

Brought back great memories watching him as a kid. Unfortunately never saw him pitch live... My dad took me to a game at the Astrodome in 1988 that he was supposed to pitch but he was pulled last minute and Joaquin Andujar started instead. And I don't think I ever really realized how legitimately good he was the first few years with the Rangers. He wasn't just limping his way to career milestones.
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