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The Vokillist is back!!! DBW episode 11 is HOT

Check out Episode 11 of DBW guys.

This is a really solid show! Unfortunately my fav DBW star J Demise has been injured so he isn't on the show and it looks like the J Demise/Willy storyline has been cancelled or put on hold, but THE VOKILLIST has come back and so have some new faces!

Vokillist looking freshg on his return!

CJ Beretta, one of the toughest and hardest motherfuckers to ever have been born on the planet takes on the guy taking DBW by storm known only as THE UNKNOWN. Will we find out what's in THE UNKNOWN's box?

The Big Dog getting taken down in a submission but will he survived?

Check out this show, grab your popcorn, grab beer out of the fridge and enjoy the action!
I love it!
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