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  1. The National League Favorite?
  2. Rangers beat the Islanders.
  3. baseball jerseys... WTF...
  4. NFL Offseason topic...
  5. How many of you go bowling?
  7. Attention Danny Ainge
  8. TPWW's own Rotis Baseball League
  9. Tottenham 4 Leicester 4
  10. AFL week 3...
  11. Is it just me?
  12. Magic 87 - 86 Pistons
  13. Denver to Possibly Trade Portis for Bailey
  14. Premiership Squad
  15. Will one of you kind Englishmen...
  16. Champions League
  17. LMAO-Baseball Fans Read.
  18. Jose Canseco to attempt comeback
  19. Who do you consider the #1 overall baseball player.
  20. Same CL Topic From Last Year-
  22. darko!
  23. Acording to the readers of MATCH magazine, these are the top 50 footballers in the
  24. English football Query (Regarding European Qualification)
  25. Pittsburgh 4 - 3 Phoenix
  26. LOL at NIKE Commercial
  27. Rockies pitcher accuses Bonds...
  28. So the Cubs blew up that ball 'what'shisname' caught
  29. Detroit Red Wings aqcuire Robert Lang
  30. Check out Danny's finger
  31. Forsberg and Salo will play in Sweden next season
  32. Pittsburgh 3 - 2 NY Islanders
  33. ROTFL Dan Cloutier
  34. BOO HOO
  35. Hooligan central in HULL
  36. Blues
  37. Andy Chiodo career shutout leader!!
  38. So i read in the newspapers....
  39. I heard a rumor that if the Bruins trade for leetch
  40. NFL salary cap question
  41. Kovalev traded to...
  42. NHL Eastern Conference
  43. QUESTION - Where will Jarmoir Jagr get traded to?
  44. Gonchar traded
  45. NHL trade dealine thread
  46. Leicester City latest team to be accused assault
  47. UEFA CUP FOURTH ROUND DRAW (with potential ties for Quarters and Semis)
  48. Roids and Baseball...
  49. T.O...
  50. Do you care if Baseball players are juiced?
  51. MLB Spring Training post
  52. MLB All-Time Team
  53. Ottawa - Philly game sets Penalty Minute Record!
  54. Fancy a game for Qatar?
  55. NBA finals prediction thread!!!
  58. Duke beat UNC AGAIN
  59. English Rugby...
  60. Whatifsports.com
  61. UNC Pic
  62. Men's College Lacrosse
  63. All time favourite footballers?
  64. Embarrased to be a CANUCKS fan
  65. Calgary Flames Aquire M. Nilson
  66. Is UEFA stupid????
  67. shit, we're out
  69. What's the difference between Manchester United and Leicester City?
  70. Damn, T-Mac hits a new Franchise record in scoring.
  71. Bertuzzi's bitch ass is out for the season and the playoffs
  72. QUESTION: Are the canucks BETTER or WORSE since the Bertuzzi incident/trade deadline?
  73. St joseph loses to Xavier
  74. Pens win again!!!!! Leafs outshoot Pens 44-17
  75. NCAA Basketball......TOURNEY TIME
  76. This Man is a homosexual
  78. Buccs letting Lynch and Sapp go.
  80. where is this pic from?
  81. Who here follow's the UFC?
  82. Sir Lotus Predicts The Teams and Seeds in the NCAA Tournament
  83. QUESTION - Are Detroit, Colorado, and San Jose all susceptible for 1st round loses?
  84. The OFFICIAL Rate My Fantasy Team Thread
  86. Brothers playing for different countries? Has to be a first
  87. Hey RDD
  88. I can't stand Allen Iverson
  89. Do the leafs sucks?
  90. Overrated college hoopsters
  91. Dang..... Pens win again!
  92. NASCAR Fans?
  93. Bah. Why do they decide they want to win now.
  94. YOUR NorthWest Division Champions of 2003/04.....Vancouver Canucks
  95. An Official Petr Nedved Appreciation Thread
  96. Have it Yash!
  97. Quite frankly
  98. England vs Sweden
  99. DISCUSSION - NHL Playoffs Predictions thread. Predict each series, etc.
  100. hockey ?
  101. Freddy Adu
  102. So the college hockey "Frozen 4" is here in Boston soon and NOBODY is talking about
  103. OK, what the hell..
  104. Womens Final 4
  105. Why haven't they named Legace their playoff goalie yet?
  106. Save Claudio
  107. Glen Grunwald fired
  108. Ice Hockey Jersey Question
  109. Maltby's check on Columbus played called "gutless"
  110. UFC 47: It's on (thoughts, spoilers, ect)
  111. Name your top 5 goals from this Premiership season (03-04)
  112. Fantasy Baseball thread
  113. Now isn't that ironic
  114. Adam Oates retires
  115. Baseball season "opens" tonight
  117. If you had to put the ball in one player's hands...(NBA)
  118. Jesus Christ plays CF for the Bo Sox....
  119. Canadian women take 8th straight World Title
  120. Detroit vs Nashville
  121. Opening Day Baby:Yankee Baseball
  122. So, I did a spell check for asshole...
  123. Random AFL/Brisbane Lions Thread
  124. The Toronto Devil Rays?
  125. Fantasy Baseball thread
  126. Toronto versus Ottawa
  127. Raycroft
  128. The Great White Hype???
  129. Nashville fans are dumb.
  130. Gold Gloves
  131. *Edit* Montreal Canadiens fans deserve a butt kicking and a lesson in respect
  132. Leafs vs. Sen against Canucks vs. Flames
  133. I am going to make a bold prediction
  134. Anaheim Angels got a bargain today.
  135. How to beat the Detroit Redwings in 10 shots or less
  136. That OT goal was bullshit.
  137. No Shot?
  138. Sunday October 10th
  139. Doesn't Dave Lewis look like Hitler.
  140. God damn is Belfour ever the Man!
  141. FBI arrests St. Louis Blues' Center on conspiracy of murder
  142. Go F'N Flames, Go!!!!!!
  143. NFL Draft thread
  144. question about the pats
  145. in the 2nd round, the NE Pats select...
  146. I tip my hat..
  148. Well,Well,Well Canuckleheads fans
  149. Embassy World Snooker Championship 2004
  150. If your team's out of the playoffs (NHL) who are you rooting for now?
  151. GG LALIME
  153. A question for Da King
  154. Where's Heyman bragging about the Canucks now?
  155. MLB Thread
  156. Ottawa you fools!!!!!!!!! (fired Martin)
  157. Bengals New Uni's
  158. worst fans
  160. R.I.P Pat Tillman
  161. hahaha, Iginla is the man
  162. Important Safety Message for mine fiend Mike Metalhead
  163. John McKay quotes..
  164. Desailly Quits In Big Ron Row
  165. Is this fair????
  166. Leonard Little Charged with a DUI
  167. Anybody hear about Richard Seymour's father?
  168. It's official - Blatter has lost the plot
  169. Official NFC East Discussion Thread
  170. Fuk you Joe Sakic
  171. USA vs. Mexico
  172. Bye Bye Montreal.
  173. Favorite # 19 (NHL)
  174. Jayson WIlliams Trial
  175. Sports Vid's
  176. Pierzynski upsets Giants
  177. The most exciting 2mins in sports?
  178. Roids..
  179. Charges possible after Barons player hit during AHL playoff game in Hamilton
  180. GO LEAFS GO!
  181. **** you McCabe
  182. Should the red Sox trade(get rid of) Pedro now?
  183. Around The Horn
  184. The *NEW* Manny Ramirez (appreciation thread)
  185. Come on Calgary.
  186. ****ing Mccaw...****ing Canucks
  187. Mikka = This year's Giguere?
  188. Toronto is out.
  190. F U C K CANADA, hahaha, its losing its game
  191. What happened to the Mods?
  192. Mike Piazza Appreciation Thread
  193. For those T-Pups fans...
  194. Roger Clemens is the man
  195. Heatley!!!!!!!!!!! (Can 5 Fin 4 - OT)
  196. How big an achievement will it be if Arsenal go the whole season unbeaten
  197. Whose the most famous person you've witnessed playing live?
  198. So baseball was going to put advertising on the bases.
  199. Shoot outs in Hockey
  200. Calgary, San Jose game..
  201. Ice Hockey Question
  202. England - Euro 2004
  203. Barry Bonds once again... opens mouth and inserts foot.
  204. Kenny Smith presents.......GONE FISHIN'
  205. Someone explain this for me (hockey)
  206. I was driving home and I heard that Tampa was leading 2-0
  207. Question about Hockey positions and stuff
  208. What # are you (or would you be) in every sport?
  209. Calgary fans are dicks.
  210. Any plays give you the chills when you see them?
  211. Congratulations Arsenal
  212. Canada names World Cup Roster
  213. Smarty Jones
  214. Roy Jones Jr. Gets Punked
  215. Ben Sheets is going f'ing nutz.
  216. Bobble-heads
  217. :( Mackem :(
  218. I guess nobody was watching the CO Program
  219. 87 year old Randy Johnson just pitched a perfect game
  220. randy johnson has just pitched a perfect game
  221. KG
  222. FLAMES WIN!
  223. LMAO at "Let's Go Yankees" Chants in Anaheim
  224. Lightning bolt out to early lead.
  225. NASCAR Names Magic Johnson Co-Chair of Executive Steering Committee for Diversity
  226. DISCUSSION: Should NHL Hockey emulate the NFL, NBA, and (gulp) SOCCER?!?
  227. Are the Cubs even an underdog anymore?
  228. The Syracuse "Orange"
  229. TBAAAY!
  230. I'm really finding it hard to be a Jays
  231. Olympic security?
  232. So how many racing fans are there?
  233. Spurs Reject 3 Bids!!!
  234. Cleveland Browns are pathetic
  235. Best MLB farming system
  236. Stanley cup time
  237. Stanley Cup Finals.
  238. Happy Treble Day
  239. Athens Olympics 2004
  240. Renberg leaving the Leafs (about time)
  241. Official Anti-Danny Crawford Thread
  242. Just looked at my old Reds post
  243. French Open
  244. CHRIS KAMARA ......
  245. Euro 2004 Predictions
  246. 89% of the people that participated in a poll said...
  247. Who Would You Rather Have !!!!!!!!!!SEMI-FINALS!!!!!!!!!!
  248. Who would you rather have on your team?
  249. How about that NL central
  250. Wales 1-0 Canada